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Mitsubishi Outlander Performance

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Mitsubishi has shed plenty of weight from the old Outlander, and the new model is much more nimble as a result. It also rides nicely.

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Performance and Economy

There’s just the one engine available here (unless you go for the petrol hybrid), with standard four-wheel drive and a choice of manual or automatic gearboxes. All refreshingly simple in fact, and the engine pretty much does the job you require of it. Combined economy is 52.3 mpg for the manual and 48.7 mpg for the auto.


The diesel Outlander is perfect for the long motorways slogs that see the PHEV model’s fuel economy drop

Mat Watson
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That doesn’t tell the whole story, as most will prefer the relaxed nature of the auto – it’s no B-road blaster, after all – and it’s quick, smooth and easy to use. Helps with refinement a little, too – something the Outlander does well for the most part. The four-cylinder diesel unit can get a little noisy under hard acceleration and there’s some clatter at idle, but these have improved over its predecessor.

Lots of buyers, however, are opting for the more interesting Outlander PHEV petrol hybrid, which improves performance and economy.

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The Outlander rides a little firm, but never uncomfortable – just nicely judged for the class of car. Refinement is also pretty good as a result, though tyre noise does creep through at motorway speeds more so than some rivals.

The way the Mitsubishi takes corners is less adept, but it covers the basics – it’s predictable and easy to drive. The brakes are strong, but the steering doesn’t allow much information from the road to reach your fingertips. If driving pleasure isn’t your goal (and realistically, it probably isn’t for a crossover), it should suit you fine.

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