VW T-Roc sizes and dimensions guide

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The Volkswagen T-Roc is the newest small SUV in an already crowded market, and can count the likes of the Nissan Juke, Renault Captur, Audi Q2 and Mazda CX-3 among its many rivals. It’s based loosely on the Polo supermini, so read our guide to see how big it is – and how it compares to those other funky small cars.

Exterior dimensions

The T-Roc is 4,234mm long – that’s 43mm longer than the Audi Q2 and a noticeable 122mm longer than the Renault Captur, which itself gives the impression of being a large car.

The VW is also the tallest car of this trio measuring 1,573mm tall, compared with 1,566mm and 1,508mm for the Captur and Q2 respectively. It’s almost 20mm narrower than the Audi, which could make all the difference in tight car parks.

Exterior dimensions
Length 4,234mm
Width 1,992mm
Height 1,573mm
Wheelbase 2,590mm

Interior dimensions

Even though the Audi is wider than the VW, the T-Roc has more space between the doors. The shoulder room is measured at 1,471mm in the front and 1,474mm in the rear – 81mm and 37mm better than the Q2’s figures respectively. That should mean that if all three rear seats are filled, the occupants should be slightly happier than in the Q2.

Boot space

Again, the T-Roc’s comparatively large exterior dimensions do it favours here. The boot space with the seats up is a useful 445 litres – 40 more than the Q2’s boot. In the Captur, you can specify extra underfloor boot space which increases the capacity to 455 litres, but without it the boot space is 377 litres.

If you regularly find yourself carrying small surfboards, bikes or a lot of Swedish flatpack furniture, the T-Roc might be a good choice. With the seats down, its 1,290-litres space is far roomier than the Captur’s 1,235 litres or the Q2’s capacity of 1,050 litres.

Boot space
Seats up 445 litres
Seats down 1,290 litres

Fuel tank and turning circle

Volkswagen hasn’t yet released fuel-tank sizes for the T-Roc. The Q2 has a 50-litre fuel tank which could make its way onto the T-Roc, but the Polo on which the T-Roc is based has a 45-litre tank. A tank that size would equal the one fitted to the Captur.

The T-Roc matches the Q2’s 11.1m turning circle. A VW Polo has a 10.6m turning circle, but the T-Roc’s extra height and larger wheels mean it needs more tarmac to turn around.

Turning circle
Turning circle 11.1m

Weight and towing capacity

The T-Roc is heavier than the Captur and Q2. Its weight range is very close to the Q2’s, but neither can match the featherweight Captur – the heaviest version of the Renault, at 1,204kg, is lighter than either of the lowest numbers for the VW Group cars.

The Q2 and T-Roc share some of their engines and, as you could expect, the towing capacities of these cars are virtually identical. Both are better than the Captur’s figures as the engines have more pulling power.

Weight and towing capacity
Weight 1,270-1,495kg
Max towing weight (braked/unbraked) 1,700kg/740kg
Towball weight 80kg
Payload 421-585kg

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