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Volkswagen Sharan sizes and dimensions guide

October 20, 2015 by

Volkswagen’s Sharan is one of the most practical vehicles on the market and can carry seven passengers, and even some of their luggage, with ease. The 1995 original was twinned with the Ford Galaxy and SEAT Alhambra. Now in its second generation, it still shares most of its parts with the SEAT but now has sliding doors and even more space.

We’re checking out the Sharan’s important dimensions to help you work out if it’ll fit into your life. If you’re sold on it, use our Volkswagen Sharan car configurator too to see how much carwow could help you save.

Volkswagen Sharan exterior dimensions

The Sharan is undoubtedly a large vehicle but, considering its highly spacious interior, it doesn’t present itself as having huge road presence. Aside from its SEAT Alhambra twin, the Sharan’s main rival is the Ford Galaxy and some larger seven-seat SUVs like the Kia Sorento and the Land Rover Discovery.

When compared to the Ford, the Sharan is no more than 20mm different in any dimension but, when you look at SUV rivals, it may surprise some people to learn that the Volkswagen’s footprint is not too dissimilar to the almighty Discovery. That’s because MPVs tend to have much lower ground clearance than SUVs and so look smaller in the metal.

Exterior dimensions
Length 4,854mm
Width including mirrors 2,081mm
Height 1,720mm

Volkswagen Sharan interior dimensions

Inside, Volkswagen has utilised as much space as possible for passengers and their belongings. Front headroom is similar to rivals and both back rows of seats offer headroom only slightly behind the Discovery’s. Legroom is also impressive, especially in the rear-most seats where it’s more spacious than most superminis and 29mm larger than the Volvo XC90‘s third row.

Interior dimensions
Front headroom 1077mm
Rear headroom (third row) 973mm (945mm)
Front legroom 989mm
Rear legroom (third row) 947mm (840mm)

Volkswagen Sharan boot space

It won’t be a surprise to most that the Sharan has a massive boot. Even with all seven seats in place, there is more luggage space than cars like the Ford Fiesta and Volkswagen Polo. Fold the third row flat and you’ll find a spacious 711 litres up to the window-line, broadly comparable with rivals but, bear in mind, this figure rises if you want to fill the car right up to the roof. Fold both rear rows down and you basically have a van capable of carrying almost anything. Only the Galaxy’s total load volume is 42-litres larger.

Boot space
Boot space with 7 seats in place 300 litres
Boot space with 5 seats in place 711 litres
Boot space with 2 seats in place 2,297 litres

Volkswagen Sharan fuel tank and turning circle

At 70-litres, the Sharan’s fuel tank is about average for a vehicle of this size, although the Land Rover Discovery’s measures 86-litres. The Sharan is a lot more economical though, and its 870-mile range is far more impressive than any conventional SUV can manage. The Galaxy’s tank (and range) is a little smaller by comparison. The Sharan’s large size means a turning circle of 11.9-metres is nothing special but is similar to all the vehicles mentioned above.

Fuel tank and turning circle
Fuel tank 70 litres
Turning circle 11.9 metres

Volkswagen Sharan weights and load limits

The Sharan weighs about the same as the Ford Galaxy and, thankfully, a lot less than cars such as the Discovery which feature heavy off-roading gear. This means the maximum towing weight is lower for the Sharan than the Land Rover, but 2,200kg is still enough for most mid-sized tourers and trailers.

Weight and load limits
Weight 1,703-1,800kg
Towing limit (braked trailer) 2,200kg
Roof limit 100kg

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