New Nissan Hyper Punk concept revealed: compact crossover aimed at influencers

October 23, 2023 by

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This is the new Nissan Hyper Punk, the latest in a stream of new concept cars which will appear at the Japan Mobility show this October. Read on for all you need to know.

  • New Nissan Hyper Punk revealed
  • Concept car to feature at Japan Mobility show
  • Bonkers-looking design
  • Built as a “creative studio” for influencers
  • Interior features AI technology
  • Not going on sale for now

Nissan has taken the covers off the new Hyper Punk concept, a compact crossover which the brand claims is tailored for content creators and influencers.

As well as having internet connectivity to help you edit content on the go, the Hyper Punk also uses AI to read the scenery around you and project it into the car in different styles to get the creative juices flowing.

New Nissan Hyper Punk design

Nissan has been coming out with some crazy-looking concepts recently, just look at the Hyper Urban. The Hyper Punk, however, may be the most bonkers yet.

It’s covered in so many different angles it looks a bit like a scrunched-up piece of tin foil. You have some funky-looking daytime running lights which curve around into the front wing, and the headlights are integrated into the lower bumper with a weird random triangular pattern.

The dominating feature down the side is the 23-inch light-up alloy wheels, until you open the door that is and realise it goes up like on a lamborghini. There are yet more creases at the rear of the car, along with a full-width light bar.

New Nissan Hyper Punk interior

If you thought the exterior design was a little bit out-there, wait until you see the interior. It’s unlike anything you’ve seen from Nissan before, and it’s packed with clever technology.

The driver is cocooned in a wraparound dashboard with a load of protruding triangles which look a bit like stalactites in an ancient cave. This may not be the most comfortable surface to rest your knee on, but at least the drive selector is neatly integrated.

Nissan claims the interior of this car is designed as a “mobile creative studio”, so you get an internet connection which allows you to use your devices on the go to create content or research your next viral video.

Having a mobile hotspot isn’t that revolutionary, but this car’s use of AI is. It can use the on-board camera to read the scenery around you, and it’ll project it onto the screens in different styles, such as a Manga cartoon. It can also detect your mood and change the ambient lighting and music to boost your energy.

Will I be able to buy a Nissan Hyper Punk?

In its current state, sadly not. This is just a concept car for now, however it could inspire a production car in the future. If you really want to get a taste of what it’s like to drive the Hyper Urban, it will be available to virtually get behind the wheel in the video game Fortnite.

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