New Nissan Hyper Urban concept revealed: everything we know so far

October 03, 2023 by

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This is the Nissan Hyper Urban concept, the second in a series of new electric concept cars after the 20-23 was unveiled last week. Read on for all you need to know.

  • New Nissan Hyper Urban concept revealed
  • Previews design features on future Nissan models
  • Bonkers styling details
  • Lounge-like interior
  • Modular dashboard can be updated over time
  • Could inspire a production car in the coming years

Nissan is on a roll at the moment. It’s revealing a series of new electric concept cars in the lead-up to the Japan Mobility Show on 25 October.

The first was the Nissan 20-23 concept, and now we have the Nissan Hyper Urban. It’s a bonkers-looking electric SUV, and it previews future EVs from the brand.

New Nissan Hyper Urban concept design

The new Hyper Urban concept is like nothing you’ve seen from Nissan before. Unlike the 20-23 which has a slight retro vibe, this new car looks straight out of a sci-fi movie.

The front end looks like it was designed using nothing but a ruler. There are no fake grilles here, just a plethora of sharp angles and a full-width light bar across the bonnet. That massive crease below the Nissan badge makes it look like it’s got a bit of an underbite as well.

Things are a bit more sleek down the side of the car. You have the obligatory concept car massive alloy wheels, as well as a sleek sloping roofline. There are yet more complex pressings in the doors as well.

Looking to the rear of the car, there’s another full-width light bar blended into the large back window, as well as a sporty-looking lower bumper with gloss black trim. The Hyper Urban Concept may look pretty wild, but you can expect any production car it may spawn to be toned-down a bit.

New Nissan Hyper Urban interior

Just getting into the new Nissan Hyper Urban serves as a reminder that this is no normal EV. You don’t get normal doors for starters, the front ones open up to the sky and the rear access is even more crazy.

The whole rear quarter is hinged at the roof and opens upwards, making the car look a bit like one of those flying beetles. Beyond looking crazy, those doors provide unhindered access to the lounge-like interior.

You get two relined armchairs in the back with plenty of legroom, something which these two look very pleased about. Then again, you’d be looking a bit smug as well if you were kicked back in your posh EV with an unlimited view out of that panoramic glass roof.

Beyond the impressive space, the Hyper Urban has been designed for longevity as well. Components such as the instrument panel are modular and can be replaced over time to keep the car up to date with the latest technology.

Will you be able to buy a Nissan Hyper Urban?

In its current form, probably not. This is just a concept car which previews design features you may see on Nissan models in the future. Expect to see this inspire a production model in around 2025.

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