The best Tesla models and features coming by 2025: all you need to know

March 26, 2024 by

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Tesla makes some of the most popular electric cars in the world right now, but what’s going on with the brand and what can you expect to see over the coming years? Read on to find out…

Go back 10 years and Tesla was this little-known maker of an electric executive saloon called the Model S, but it’s rapidly grown to be one of the biggest car manufacturers in the world.

The Model 3 and Model Y offer mass appeal on the EV market, the Model S and Model X both tout blistering performance from their Plaid models and then there’s the bonkers Cybertruck.

The brand is showing no signs of slowing down either, with a couple of significant new models coming over the next couple of years.

New entry-level Tesla Hatchback coming next year

Tesla is a bit late to the budget EV game, with the MG 4 and BYD Dolphin both coming in at under £25,000, and the new Renault 5 E-Tech is set to come in at under this figure as well. Hoping to get in on the action, a new entry-level Tesla EV is coming next year.

Details are thin on the ground for this car, with not even a name being confirmed yet, but it’ll feature a whole raft of new technology to keep costs down, and it’s going to be built using more efficient manufacturing techniques to help drive the price down even further.

So how much will the new Tesla hatchback cost? Well it’s a little tricky to put an exact figure on it at this point. Elon Musk claims it’ll cost less than $25,000, which is around £22,000, and it will be approximately 50% cheaper to build than the Model 3 and Model Y.

What happened to the Tesla Roadster?

Cast your mind back seven years. Ed Sheeran had just released Shape of You, the Alpine A110 had just been revealed, and Elon Musk promised to build a new supercar which would go from 0-60mph in under 1.9 seconds.

Well seven years on and the new Tesla Roadster still hasn’t come to fruition. The Honda Civic has gone through two generations in that time, but Musk recently took to X (formerly known as Twitter) promising to launch the car in 2025.

He’s also touting some insane new performance figures. In the post on X, Musk claims the new Roadster will be able to do 0-60mph in less than 1.0 second thanks to, wait for it, rockets. This should probably be taken with more than a pinch of salt though, because even if a car like this was to become reality there’s a good chance it would be cancelled before it ever makes production.

Is the Tesla Cybertruck coming to the UK?

It’s best not to be too sceptical about the new Tesla Roadster though, because Tesla has finally managed to bring the Cybertruck into production. This is one insane-looking electric pickup truck, with a design resembling a rolling axe head, but will it come to the UK?

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Well it’s not looking hopeful. While you can gawk at the Cybertruck’s specs on the Tesla UK website, the option to put down a deposit was taken away a fair few months ago. It’s the same story in Europe, and there’s no sign of this changing any time soon.

Those living in the USA can get a Cybertruck for £66,000, rising to £82,000 for the tri-motor Cyberbeast model . A cheaper rear-wheel drive model will also be coming in 2025 costing £50,000.

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