Better late than never: new Tesla Roadster slated for a reveal this year

February 29, 2024 by

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Having initially promised a launch back in 2020, Elon Musk has taken to X (formerly known as Twitter) and announced that the new Tesla Roadster is coming this year. Read on for all you need to know about this bonkers hyper EV.

  • New Tesla Roadster coming this year…in theory
  • Deliveries of the highly anticipated hyper EV to start in 2025
  • 0-60mph promised in under 1.0 second
  • Available with an optional rocket thruster package
  • £4,000 refundable deposit
  • £34,000 follow-up payment due within 10 days
  • Total price not confirmed

It’s been seven long years since the Tesla Roadster concept was first unveiled, and it’s been delayed several times since then. Having initially slated the car for a 2021 launch, Elon Musk has announced that it’ll be revealed in full at the end of this year.

The performance specs have also gotten even more insane since the car was first revealed, with Musk now touting a sub 1.0 second 0-60mph time thanks to technology from SpaceX.

What happened to the new Tesla Roadster?

It was all the way back in 2017 that the new Tesla Roadster was first revealed, and it was initially meant to go on sale in 2020. It’s been pushed back a few times since then, but Elon Musk has taken to X and said it’ll be revealed in full at the end of this year, with first deliveries starting in 2025.

Unlike the new Tesla Cybertruck, you can put your name down for a Roadster in the UK now. All you need is a £4,000 deposit followed by a further £34,000 down payment within 10 days. Quite a chunk of money for a car which doesn’t technically exist yet. Just imagine how sick the people who paid a £185,000 deposit for the limited-edition ‘Founder Series’ model feel…

New Tesla Roadster performance

When it was first revealed, the Tesla Roadster was going to do 0-60mph in under 1.9 seconds and go on to a top speed of 250mph thanks to three electric motors. We’ve had the Tesla Model S Plaid since then though with a similar launch time, but this is just the entry-level Roadster. Elon Musk has plans to turn up the wick.

Taking to X once more, he told the world that the Roadster will have a sub 1.0 second 0-60mph time. This is thanks to some technology from SpaceX, namely an optional Rocket Thruster package. That’s right, rockets.

Musk has also claimed that this car will be able to fly “a little”, but this should probably be taken with a pinch of salt. If such a car were to come to fruition, there’s still a chance that it could be cancelled before it makes production. See Tesla Plaid +.

New Tesla Roadster design

Even though the design of the new Tesla Roadster is seven years old now, the design is still looking fresh and modern. That pointy front end has already inspired the updated Tesla Model 3, with the pointy headlights and muscular front haunches making it look suitably sporty.

The sleek silhouette has been sculpted to help the car slip through the air as smoothly as possible, and there’s a subtle lip spoiler at the rear. This may not look like it’ll do much for the downforce, but that massive rear diffuser should help suck the Roadster into the tarmac at speed.

New Tesla Roadster interior

Little is known about the Tesla Roadster’s interior other than that it will have ‘space for four’. Based on the car’s compact size, assume that means space for two adults and two kids. If you’re after a fast electric family four-seater you’ll be much better off with a Tesla Model S…

Inside the Roadster you’ll find Tesla’s trademark white vegan leather (vinyl) seats and huge infotainment screen.

All models come with a removable hardtop roof that can be stored in the boot to make the Tesla feel light and airy on the inside. There’s also a large central screen and a yoke-style steering wheel – just like the one fitted to Plaid versions of the new Model S and Model X.

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