New Tesla Model Y Juniper: facelifted electric SUV rumoured for this year

May 20, 2024 by

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Following Carwow’s exclusive render of the facelifted Tesla Model Y late last year, pictures of what appear to be the real thing have been posted on Instagram. Read on for all you need to know. 

  • New Tesla Model Y Juniper previewed online
  • Facelift for the Model Y rumoured to be coming this year
  • Could be cheaper than the current car
  • Styling cues from Model 3 expected
  • Interior upgrades also likely
  • May get more range than before

Rumours are flying around about the new Tesla Model Y Juniper – a codename for the facelifted electric SUV – with murmurings of a reveal coming by the end of this year.

It makes sense that a new Model Y would come soon after the revised Model 3 seeing as they’re almost identical under the skin, and it’s likely to borrow a few styling cues from the saloon.

New Tesla Model Y Juniper price and release date

Tesla has been pretty secretive about the new Tesla Model Y Juniper, and as such a release date hasn’t been confirmed yet. Rumours of a reveal later this year have surfaced online with the emergence of leaked interior pictures on social media, with a September reveal being most likely as this would be one year on from the new Model 3’s debut.

As for price, Tesla shocked the car industry by actually making the new Model 3 cheaper than the car it replaced. If the Model Y follows the same trend, it could start from around £42,000.

New Tesla Model Y Juniper design

Late last year the Carwow team had a crack at designing the next Tesla Model Y, and this exclusive render shows you what it may look like. It’s likely to have a pretty similar face to the new Model 3, with the sleek LED headlights borrowed straight from that car.

Current Model Y (top) vs facelifted Model Y (bottom)

The lower bumper also has a much cleaner design, with fewer fussy creases and slimmer vents helping the car look more modern and making it look less like a bloated Model 3 than before.

Expect to see styling cues from the Model 3 (pictured)

Images have now emerged from the Instagram accounts cochespias1 and roadcar19 of what appears to be the new Tesla Model Y, however there are questions around how legitimate these images are.


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There are a few spots on the rear image which look a bit warped suggesting it may be AI-generated, something which is further backed up by the presence of the Model 3’s saloon boot shut line midway up the C-pillar.

Whether these images are real or not, they give us a pretty good idea of how the new Model Y’s rear is likely to look. Those tail lights are lifted straight from the Model 3, and they are much more contemporary-looking than the current car’s. Expect to see a range of new colours and alloy wheel designs as well.

New Tesla Model Y Juniper interior and infotainment

While there are no pictures of the Model Y Juniper’s cabin just yet, it’s pretty safe to assume that it’ll share a similar design to the Model 3. The two cars are pretty much the same under the skin after all.

Expect a similar interior design to the new Model 3 (pictured)

This means it’ll retain the same minimalist dashboard design we’ve come to expect from Tesla, only with a slick new infotainment system and some subtle design tweaks, such as the new steering wheel and reshaped air vents. Material quality could take a step up as well, and the steering column stalks may also be about to bow out in favour of buttons on the steering wheel, just like on the new Model 3.

Pictures of what appear to be the new Model Y’s centre console have leaked on social media, and you can see a lot of similarities between this and the new Model 3’s. The main difference is the big opening at the back for the rear passenger touchscreen, something which you don’t get on the current Model Y.

New Tesla Model Y Juniper batteries and range

The updated Tesla Model 3 retained the same range of battery options as the outgoing car, so you aren’t likely to see any major changes to the Model Y’s offerings when it comes to market.

See what’s new for the Tesla Model 3…

The current car comes with either a 57.5kWh or a 75kWh battery, the same as in the new Model 3, with the long-range model managing up to 331 miles on a charge. The new Model 3 got some aerodynamic tweaks to further boost its range, something which could be applied to this SUV.

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