New Tesla Model Y: facelifted electric SUV imagined by carwow

November 17, 2023 by

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With the updated Tesla Model 3 hitting UK shores imminently, what would the Model Y SUV look like with these styling changes? Well you’re in the right place to find out. 

  • Facelifted Tesla Model Y imagined by carwow
  • Updated SUV could get new Model 3’s face
  • Interior upgrades also likely
  • May go on sale in 2024
  • Prices likely to remain the same, if not lower

This is carwow’s vision of what an updated Tesla Model Y could look like, with the new Model 3’s face giving it a much sleeker appearance.

While it’s not officially happening, a facelift for the Model Y seems likely as it shares a lot of parts with the Model 3 under the skin.

New Tesla Model Y design

The Tesla Model 3 was given a mid-life update earlier this year, with a new front end making the car look much more modern. Given that the Model Y is almost the same car under the skin, it wouldn’t be crazy to assume that it might get similar updates in the future.

Find out what’s new for the Tesla Model 3…

So the carwow team has set about grafting the new Model 3’s face onto its SUV sibling, and the result is a car which looks much less gawky and awkward than the current Model Y.

The narrow headlights work pretty well on this high-riding SUV, and it looks a lot less like a stretched Model 3 than before. The bumper is also a lot cleaner, with fewer fussy creases and smaller vents helping the car look more sleek.

In addition to the new nose, you can expect some different alloy wheel designs and colour options when the updated Model Y comes to market. It could also have similar tail lights to the new Model 3 (pictured above).

New Tesla Model Y interior and infotainment

As with the exterior, the Tesla Model Y shares most of its interior design with the Model 3. While it’s not confirmed, a facelifted Model Y is likely to make use of the updated saloon car’s cabin.

Expect a similar interior design to the new Model 3 (pictured)

Expect to see the same steering wheel as the new Model 3, as well as the same infotainment system with slick new software. The new Model 3 has also been given improved insulation and materials to help make it quieter on the move, as well as making it feel more premium. Similar upgrades can be expected on the Model Y.

When will the new Tesla Model Y be revealed?

There’s no word on when, or if the Tesla Model Y will get these updates, but it’s pretty likely that you’ll see a new and improved SUV at some point in 2024.

As for price, if it follows in the Model 3’s footsteps it could be pretty good value for money. That car actually saw a price reduction after the facelift, so a new Model Y could start from around £44,000.

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