New Audi TTS Review

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  • Looks great
  • Upmarket interior
  • Plenty of high-tech kit
  • Cramped back seats
  • Alternatives have bigger boots
  • … and some cost less to buy
38.7 - 40.9
CO2 emissions
159 - 168 g/km
First year road tax
Safety rating

The Audi TTS is a seriously sporty small car with a fabulous interior and lots of high-tech kit, but the back seats are very cramped and some alternatives are cheaper to buy

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The Audi TTS is an even sportier version of the stylish TT sportscar that comes with four-wheel drive as standard and a powerful turbocharged engine. It’s one of quite a few Audi sports cars.

The current Audi TTS was first launched in 2014 but received a few mild tweaks in 2018 to make it look more aggressive and feel sportier to drive. This new model is slightly faster than the outgoing version, but the most noticeable tweaks come in the form of remodelled bumpers and a few changes to its minimalist interior.

You get the same metal air vents, low-slung seats and digital driver’s display as before, but the new TTS’s screen comes with a special display mode that mimics the large central rev counter you get in the even faster RS model.

The front seats are just as supportive as those in the outgoing Audi TTS, and you get adjustable lumbar support to reduce back ache on long drives. There’s plenty of space for you to stretch out if you’re very tall and loads of seat adjustment to help short passengers get a good view out, too.

Unfortunately, the same can’t be said of the TTS’s very cramped back seats. There’s only just enough room for two kids to climb on board and fitting a child seat is made more difficult by the narrow gap between the front and rear seats.

Still, at least the Audi TTS’s boot is relatively spacious – for a compact sports car, at least. There’s room for a baby buggy or a few small suitcases and you can flip the back seats down to open up an even more usable load bay with enough space to carry a bike with one of its wheels removed.

The Audi TTS’s brawny new look means it can finally kiss goodbye to that lingering hairdresser image – once and for all…

Mat Watson
carwow expert

You probably won’t be too keen to make the switch to two wheels after driving the Audi TTS, however. The 306hp turbocharged petrol engine, quattro four-wheel-drive system and seven-speed automatic gearbox all work together to launch it from 0-62mph in just 4.5 seconds and help it tear down a deserted backroad significantly faster than the standard TT.

Sure, it isn’t quite as engaging as the BMW M2 and won’t break track day lap records like a 718 Cayman, but the Audi TTS is much easier to drive quickly – especially on an unfamiliar road or in slippery conditions.

When you’ve finished having fun, the TTS’s standard adaptive suspension helps it settle into a reasonably comfortable cruise. You don’t hear too much wind or tyre noise at speed and the TTS is even very easy to drive around town thanks to the decent visibility offered by its reasonably slim door pillars. The standard quattro four-wheel-drive system means you won’t be left stranded by a sudden snowfall, either.

As a result, the TTS is an excellent small sports car, and one that’s definitely worth considering if you’re looking for a grin-inducing two-seater that you really can use everyday.

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