New Audi TTS Roadster Review

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  • Superb interior
  • Lots of high-tech features
  • Faster than most alternatives
  • No back seats
  • Not as practical as the TTS Coupe
  • Some alternatives are cheaper
CO2 emissions
165 g/km
First year road tax
Safety rating

The Audi TTS Roadster is a stylish soft-top sports car with a gorgeous interior and a punchy turbocharged petrol engine, but it costs more than some alternatives and only has two seats

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The Audi TTS Roadster is a faster version of the standard TT Roadster that comes with a more powerful turbocharged engine, four-wheel drive and an automatic gearbox. If the TT isn’t to your liking, there are plenty of other Audi sports cars to choose from.

The current model was launched in 2014, but the 2018 Audi TTS Roadster comes with redesigned bumpers, some mechanical tweaks to make it accelerate more quickly and a few choice changes to the standard TT’s interior.

The heavily bolstered sports seats, cool metal air vents and digital driver’s display have been carried over from the outgoing Roadster, but the latter now features a special TTS-specific driving mode that copies the huge rev counter you get in the seriously rapid Audi TTRS.

You also get a similar flat-bottomed steering wheel to the TTRS, and the same four-way lumbar support and height adjustment for the front seats to help you find your ideal driving position.

Unlike the standard TTS Coupe, the Audi TTS Roadster does away with the two back seats – after all, that folding fabric roof has to go somewhere. As a result, the four-seat BMW M240i Convertible is a better bet if you plan on carrying more than one passenger.

When it comes to carrying luggage rather than people, however, the Audi TTS Roadster’s practicality puts it on par with the BMW. You get a pair of Isofix anchor points on the passenger seat and its boot has exactly the same carrying capacity as the M240i Convertible.

The Audi TTS Roadster takes the classic small-but-fast sports car recipe and adds a dollop of every-day usability that makes it one of the very best soft tops on sale

Mat Watson
carwow expert

Once you’ve finished packing your sports car’s boot and hit the road, you’ll find the Audi TTS Roadster a shade quicker than the BMW M240i Convertible. It’ll sprint from 0-62mph in just 4.8 seconds thanks to its perky petrol engine and quick-shifting seven-speed automatic gearbox.

It doesn’t feel quite as agile as the rear-wheel-drive BMW, but driving the Audi TTS Roadster on an unfamiliar country road in poor conditions is made impressively stress-free thanks to its grippy quattro four-wheel-drive system.

It’s a doddle to drive in town, too, and the fabric roof does a pretty good job of muting wind and tyre noise at motorway speeds. Put the standard adaptive suspension into its most comfortable setting and the TTS Roadster is a joy to cruise in, too – even over fairly poorly maintained roads.

You even get cruise control and automatic emergency braking as standard – perfect for when you’ve finished having fun on an empty country road and fancy settling into a relaxing cruise.

Its this split personality that makes the Audi TTS Roadster such a compelling sports car. It’s good fun to drive, comfortable and packed with kit, yet easy to live with every day.

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