Tesla Investor Day: Cybertruck, Tesla hatchback and Master Plan 3 details revealed

March 02, 2023 by

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Tesla held its Investor day on March 1st, and Elon revealed part 3 of the company’s master plan. Read on for all you need to know. 

  • Master Plan Part 3 revealed
  • Big push towards sustainable energy
  • Update on new Tesla hatchback
  • Production Cybertruck revealed
  • Robotaxi project on the cards
  • New Gigafactory in Mexico confirmed

Part 3 of Tesla’s “Master Plan” was revealed at an Investor Day conference on March 1st. Tesla executives discussed plans for the company’s future, revealed details of the next-generation platform and announced a new Gigafactory in Mexico.

Tesla Investor Day: The Master Plan Part 3

The next stage of Tesla’s “Master Plan” was revealed at the Investor Day, centering mainly around moving to sustainable energy.

Tesla’s Technoking Elon Musk wants to move away from fossil fuels, powering the existing grid with renewable energy, as well as encourage the uptake of electric vehicles. In fact, Tesla intends to scale up to produce 20 million cars per year eventually.

Musk also has plans to move towards heat pumps as a source of domestic heating which use three times less energy than fossil fuels, as well as using green hydrogen instead of coal to fuel furnaces for steel production.

The final stage on this road to green energy is to sustainably fuel boats and planes through electrification using structural batteries, but this is some way off at the moment.

Tesla Investor day: New Tesla Hatchback update

Those expecting a reveal of Tesla’s new affordable electric hatchback will have to wait, because there was no sign of it at the Investor Day.

This exclusive render gives you an idea of what this new hatchback will look like

Work has begun on developing a less expensive model which Elon Musk has previously said “will be about half the cost of Model 3 and Y”.

This new affordable model will help with the uptake of electric vehicles

Tesla did announce some details on what will be powering this next generation car, and it’s getting an all-new motor which will cost $1,000 to produce, so much cheaper than the one used in the Model 3 and Y.

Money will also be saved on the overall production cost using new manufacturing methods. Essentially, teams of people and robots will work on fully assembling different parts of the car at the same time, before putting the whole car together just once.

No information was announced on when you can expect to see a concept version of this car beyond saying it will be revealed at a “later date”.

Tesla Investor Day: Cybertruck production beta revealed

While it wasn’t shown during the livestream, a production prototype of the new Tesla Cybertruck was shown to investors at the event. It’s been spotted out and about testing before, but now there are some pictures of this new truck’s interior.

As you can see from these images on Twitter, it looks like the Cybetruck will get a similar, minimalist design to the Model 3 and Model S. There’s a big screen dominating the centre console, and that’s about it.

You can also see no steering yoke here. That’s not to say you get a boring round wheel, there’s a funky-looking two-spoke square item. There also appears to be plenty of rear legroom, along with clever folding seat bases like you can get in the Honda Jazz.

Outside, this production beta looks a lot like the Cybertruck prototype from 2019. You still get the full stainless steel body, which has been specially designed to be easy and quick to build to keep costs down.

Tesla investor day: Robotaxi

Robotaxis have been spoken about before at Tesla, and there are plans to introduce these fully self-driving models using parts shared with the forthcoming next-generation Tesla vehicle.

A Robotaxi is essentially a car sharing service which allows you to summon a driverless car using an app on your phone, use it to get where you need to go and then it goes off to pick someone else up.

This would reduce the need for people to privately own cars, and it would mean less cars are parked up not being used. There’s still some work to do before these cars are ready to drive themselves.

Tesla investor day: new Mexico Gigafactory

During the Q&A section of the conference, Elon Musk confirmed that a new Gigafactory will be built in Mexico. This is part of Tesla’s target of building 20 million cars a year.

There’s no mention of when this project will be complete, however the Shanghai Gigafactory was built in just over nine months so a similar timeline could be applied here.

Musk also confirmed that the next generation vehicle will be built at this new factory.

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