2022 Tesla Cybertruck price, specs and release date

Nick Lette van Oostvoorne
June 09, 2020

Elon Musk has been tweeting, again, revealing new info on the Tesla Cybertruck’s (his space-age looking pickup truck) trick air suspension, while talking of a scaled-down model. Here’s what you need to know.

Latest news

  • Cybertruck to offer huge suspension travel
  • Smaller model may be built to better suit European roads
  • Specs include: Up to 500-mile range and 0-60 in under 3 seconds
  • Price and release date: From $40,000 est, early 2022

When Elon Musk pulled the wraps off his new Tesla Cybertruck it looked nothing like the truck you were expecting. In fact, it looked nothing like any truck anyone has ever seen.

That was six months ago and only now are you getting new information to add to the story.

As is common, Musk is short on detail but in his latest tweet reveals: “we’re working on increasing dynamic air suspension travel for better off-roading. Needs to kick butt in Baja”.

That’s a reference to the Baja 1000, a Mexican off-road race held each year on the Baja California Peninsula.

Its uneven dirt tracks, deep ruts and crazy sand dunes favour cars with long-travel suspension (see the Ford Bronco pictured below). Could this signal that the Cybertruck will have more than the four inches of travel Musk previously talked about? Only time will tell. What has been confirmed is thanks to adaptive air suspension – a pretty high-tech trick on a truck – the Cybertruck can raise or lower itself by up to four inches. It’s also self-levelling so you know it’ll adjust automatically to any load.

What also seems likely is that the vast Cybertruck will be joined by a smaller version, coined by Musk a “tight world” or, as you might prefer to call it, “European” truck. Presumably designed to manoeuvre tight country roads and bustling city streets, expect it to be significantly smaller than the vast version already seen.

Musk had previously mused that the original design should be shrunk by 3%, but later tweeted:

“Reviewed design with Franz [von Holzhausen, Tesla’s chief designer] last night. Even 3% smaller is too small. Will be pretty much this size.”

Tesla Cybertruck Price and release date

We already know that the Cybertruck will cost from $40,000 for a single motor, two-wheel-drive model, rising to $70,000 for the top banana (and blindingly) quick tri-motor version. You can secure one now with a $100 deposit and it’s expected to go on sale in showrooms from 2021.

A smaller version is likely to cost from around $30,000, making it a tempting prospect for US buyers who may have previously bought a petrol-powered Ford F150 or Dodge Ram pickup. It’s expected to land, not literally (though you never know), in showrooms a few months after the larger model.

Cybertruck lunar rover

With all this talk of Cybertrucks, it’s easy to forget that Musk’s dream of conquering space remains alive and well – last month SpaceX successfully sent two astronauts to the International Space Station aboard one of its Falcon 9 rockets. Which leads you to wonder – what would a Cybertruck look like in space?

Funny you should ask. Instagram user Charlieautomotive has designed just that. You may have pondered how the Cybertruck could look more ‘cyber’, turns out all it needed was lights bars, what looks like a campervan awning, wheels with individual rollers rather than tyres, and a satellite dish so big it could detect alien life in a galaxy far far away.

Tesla Cybertruck Power

Three’s the magic number with the Cybertruck, because that’s how many electric motors the top-of-the-range model gets. The all-wheel-drive tri-motor Cybertruck will do 0-60 in less than three seconds. A dual-motor all-wheel-drive model will do the same sprint in under 4.5 seconds, while the entry-level single-motor with rear-wheel drive will take 6.5 seconds to go from 0-60.

Tesla Cybertruck Range

Tesla says its tri-motor Cybertruck can manage 500 miles between charges. The mid-spec dual-motor model, meanwhile, lasts 300 miles, but the entry-level rear-drive Cybertruck will only do 250 miles between electrical charge-ups.

Tesla Cybertruck Bodywork

Tesla’s made the body of the Cybertruck (which it calls its exoskeleton) out of cold-rolled stainless steel, which helps eliminate corrosion. It also makes it look like a modern successor to the DeLorean. Which is definitely a good thing.

Tesla Cybertruck Design

The new Cybertruck is probably the most minimalist pick-up ever created. Up front, there’s no grille, just a blank space flanked by two headlights, while the bonnet flows without a change in angle into the windscreen. And at the rear there’s just a single high-level light bar. There are traditional pick-up-truck design cues though – just take a look at those rugged tyres and chunky wheel arches…

Tesla Cybertruck Interior

Inside, the angular design theme continues, with geometric seatbacks and a flat, shelf-like dashboard. Familiar to owners of pick-up trucks will be the six-seat layout, which includes a small jump seat in the front row. What’s less normal for a pick-up is the massive 17-inch touchscreen and the oddly-shaped steering wheel.

Tesla Cybertruck Practicality

Tesla reckons the Cybertruck has 2,830 litres of lockable cargo capacity. This includes the load bed (which Tesla calls the vault) the frunk, and even more storage in the sail pillars. And if, like me, you didn’t know what those were, they’re the bits of bodywork behind the rear windows. Every day’s a school day, eh? The Cybertruck has integrated 120-volt and 240-volt powerpoints, turning it into a kind of mobile mini power station. It also features an on-board air compressor, making it ideal for camping trips or building sites.

If you expect to be driving through the dodgier parts of town you needn’t worry, because the Cybertruck will withstand a whack from a sledgehammer without denting the bodywork. Its windows will also resist bullets, although Elon Musk’s demonstration of that didn’t quite go according to plan…

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