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The most economical city cars on sale

Small dimensions and frugal engines make city cars ideal for commuters in congested urban streets. We’re listing the 10 most efficient city cars on sale that offer both excellent fuel economy and compact dimensions.

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1. Fiat 500 – 83.1mpg

The Fiat 500 is a cute, compact and recently facelifted city car that has proved popular among style-conscious buyers. Thanks to an exceptionally frugal 1.3-litre diesel engine – the only one of its type on this list – it’s not only a kind on the eyes, but the wallet too.

This engine might not be the most refined unit currently on sale, but it offers fuel economy figures that are hard to beat – no other car on our list can match the Fiat’s claimed 83.1mpg. It costs more to buy than petrol 500s but, if you regularly use the motorway too, it could be the ideal choice.

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2. Suzuki Celerio – 78.4mpg

Suzuki’s Celerio isn’t the most revolutionary of city cars, but it’s cheap to run and reasonably practical for its size. An entry-level car costs less than £7,000 and should offer good reliability, too.

The claimed fuel economy from the 1.0-litre three-cylinder petrol engine is impressive. Nearly 80mpg is an incredible figure from a petrol-powered car and performance is more than acceptable for its size – 0-62mph takes a reasonable 13 seconds.

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3. Toyota Aygo – 74.3mpg

The Toyota Aygo is the first of a trio of city cars developed cooperatively by Citroen, Peugeot and Toyota. The Aygo uses the same engine as its Peugeot and Citroen siblings and unsurprisingly posts very similar fuel economy figures.

The Aygo sports a youthful design – the bold ‘X’ design on the front makes a stronger statement than the quirky Citroen or restrained Peugeot. It’s more expensive than the two French alternatives however, costing between £500 and £600 more depending on specification.

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4. Citroen C1 – 74.3mpg

Hot on the Toyota’s heels is the the Citroen C1. The 68hp 1.0-litre engine is the most economical choice and matches the Toyota’s 74.3mpg, but even the more powerful version can manage more than 65mpg. If you like the idea of open air motoring, the Airscape version comes with a retractable canvas roof.

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5. Fiat Panda – 72.4mpg

The Fiat Panda is based on the same platform as the 500 but offers more doors and greater levels of practicality thanks to its boxy body. These differences mean the Panda is heavier, and less aerodynamic than the 500 and, as a result, the same 1.3-litre diesel engine can only return 72.4mpg.

Our Fiat Panda configurator page has all the latest savings available to view right now.

6. Peugeot 108 – 68.9mpg

The Peugeot 108 shares styling cues with the rest of the French brand’s range including the trapezoidal grille and distinctive headlight designs, making it look a little more grown-up than some city car rivals.

Peugeot’s claimed fuel economy is 5.3mpg lower than in its Citroen and Toyota siblings, but it still shares the same engine and retractable fabric roof option. Additionally, the Peugeot can be bought with the manufacturers ‘Just Add Fuel‘ programme, to make ownership as painless as possible.

Use our Peugeot 108 configurator page to save money on your new car.

7. Smart ForTwo – 68.9mpg

The new Smart ForTwo is much improved over the old model and remains the smallest car on sale in the UK. It may only be suitable for two, but luggage space is surprising for a car this size and the ForTwo boasts a high-quality cabin.

There are two tiny petrol engines available, a 0.9-litre turbo petrol and a 1.0-litre naturally aspirated unit – both return excellent fuel economy but, provided you’re not venturing out of town, the non-turbo version edges ahead. You can also specify an automatic gearbox that barely affects fuel efficiency.

Check out our Smart ForTwo configurator to find your perfect car at a great price.

8. Skoda Citigo – 68.9mpg

The Skoda Citigo comes with a 1.0-litre three-cylinder petrol engine producing either 59 or 74hp. Predictably, it’s the less-powerful version that’s more efficient – able to return 68.9mpg – but the 74hp version still offers a reasonable 60mpg.

Our Skoda Citigo configurator page will allow you to build your perfect new car and get great offers sent directly to you.

9. SEAT Mii – 68.9mpg

The SEAT Mii is based on the same platform as the Skoda Citigo and Volkswagen Up with slightly redesigned headlights and a new grille. Interior space is good and, although standard equipment isn’t overly impressive, the Mii comes with an array of exterior personalisation options. Engine options are the same as available in the Citigo and Up so the most economical 1.0-litre unit returns the same 68.9mpg.

Our SEAT Mii configurator can help you get a great deal on your new car.

10. Volkswagen Up – 68.9mpg

The Volkswagen Up manages only tenth on our list thanks to its slightly larger price tag than its SEAT and Skoda siblings. The Up has arguably the most distinctive styling of the three and the Volkswagen badge will could command better prices when the time comes to sell your car. There is also an all-electric e-Up with a range of up-to 93 miles but, costing nearly £25,000, this model certainly isn’t cheap.

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