New Kia EV3 concept spotted in the snow: Korean brand’s answer to the Volvo EX30

April 11, 2024 by

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This is the new Kia EV3, a small electric SUV which is set to cost less than £30,000 when it goes on sale in a few years time. Read on for all you need to know.

  • New Kia EV3 spotted for the first time
  • Baby electric SUV
  • Styling inspired by the EV9
  • Sustainable materials used on the interior
  • On sale before 2027
  • Set to cost under £30,000

It’s been a while since Kia first unveiled the EV3 concept, and this baby electric car has been spotted for the first time during development testing.

This alternative to the Volvo EX30 is in the early stages of testing for now, but it’s expected to go on sale before 2027.

New Kia EV3 design

We’ve already seen the Kia EV3 in concept form, and you don’t have to look at it for long to realise it’s heavily inspired by the larger EV9. Carwow’s spy photographers have braved the cold to catch an EV3 prototype out in the snow.

It’s wearing a pretty thick veil for now, but you can see the EV9-esque vertical headlights shining through, and the bonnet has the same kink on each side as the concept. The LED daytime running lights are also hidden in that bonnet line.

It has a much more sloping roofline than the EV9, giving it a similar side profile to a Volvo EX30. The funky geometric alloy wheels from the concept also seem to have been carried over.

Looking at the rear of the car, the prototype has a big box strapped to the tailgate to disguise the shape, but you can just about make out the slim LED tail lights. You can expect most of the concept car’s design to be carried over to the production car, just like the EV9.

New Kia EV3 interior

Sustainability is the name of the game with the new Kia EV3s cabin, because there are plenty of recycled materials used in this funky-looking interior.

Take the seats for example. They’re made using an all-natural fibre weave material, which Kia says makes them both strong and lightweight. The coverings are also made using a clever knitted material which reduces the amount of stitching needed.

Even stranger than that is the material used on the centre console, which is actually grown rather than manufactured. It’s called Mycelium, and it’s made from mushroom roots which can be grown in any shape you want using a mould. Kia claims that this is a very soft and strong material.

When can I buy a new Kia EV3?

While it’s not known exactly when this car will go on sale, Kia is aiming to introduce a raft of new EVs before 2027, so you can expect this car to be one of them.

The targeted price for the Kia EV3 is around 35,000 US dollars, which is around £29,000. This would make it a few thousand pounds cheaper than the Volvo EX30.

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