BMW M2 colours guide and prices

March 21, 2016 by

The BMW M2 is the cheapest (and smallest) BMW M car that you can buy. This coupe has a powerful engine, attractive looks and offers one of the most entertaining driving experiences any any price.

We’ve put together this colours guide to help you decide which shade suits you best. Colour is an important decision – choose wisely and it’ll be easy to keep clean and even easier to sell on. If you don’t know your solids from your metallics, our car paints guide explains all you need to know.

There are just four paint choices on the M2 and all are metallic. If you want a different shade, you’ll have to rely on an aftermarket service, or plead with BMW’s ordering department.

Metallic finishes

Alpine White – £0

White is a universally popular colour that tends to show off the bulging styling of cars like the M2. Paired with the dark wheels, it’s bound to remain popular when it comes time to sell the car. Like all white cars, it’ll be a pain to keep clean – especially if you’re fond of taking the long way home!

Black Sapphire – £0

Black is another go-to choice for many buyers and, on the M2, it gives the BMW a somewhat sinister appearance – something that’ll probably appeal to many prospective M2 buyers. Black will always appeal to used buyers, but it’s worth remembering that it’s hard to keep clean despite its inherent darkness.

Mineral Grey – £0

No one would blame you for thinking we’ve used the same picture for Mineral Grey as Sapphire Black. They’re very similar shades, with the grey being ever so slightly lighter – something that’s more obvious in person than in pictures. It’s hard to imagine any used buyers being turned off by this colour, and it’ll be the best colour in the range for hiding dirt and grime.

Long Beach Blue – £0

Long Beach Blue could well become a trademark colour for the M2. This head-turning colour has been used in many of BMW’s press shots and is arguably the most outlandish colour in the range. Used buyers are unlikely to be put off by it and, as an added bonus, it’ll go a while before needing a good clean.

Save money on your new BMW M2

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