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Ford Fiesta colours guide and prices

May 26, 2017 by

The Ford Fiesta is a practical and fun-to-drive small car, boasting loads of interior features and an impressive array of safety kit. If you’re looking to buy one, you want a colour that’ll be easy to sell on and isn’t hard to keep clean. We’ve put together this guide to help you pick the right shade.

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Solid colours

Blazer Blue – £0

Just like a trusty dinner jacket, this smart looking dark blue is ideal if you want your Fiesta to look grown-up and sharp. Blue is one of the easier colours to sell to the used market and this darker shade will hide dirt well.

Race Red – £0

This vibrant red colour shows that you’re here to party and suits the Fiesta’s playful character well. It’s not exactly low-key, but is a popular colour, so selling it on shouldn’t be hard. It won’t be as easy as a darker colour to keep clean.

Frozen White – £250

This bright white colour will help you fly under the radar but will be a nightmare to keep clean. Keep your Frozen White clean, however, and it will look great and you’ll have no trouble selling it on the used market.

Deep Impact Blue – £495

Deep Impact Blue is a very handsome rich shade. It’s a little lighter than Blazer Blue but will still do a good job at hiding road grime. Equally, blue is an ever-popular colour so it won’t be hard to sell to the used market.

Moondust Silver – £495

This intergalactic shade is a medium-dark silver, closely resembling grey in some lights. It’ll show up dirt quicker than a darker colour but, like all silver cars, it’ll be easy to sell on.

Magnetic – £495

This dark grey may not attract a lot of attention from on lookers, but you’ll attract lots of interest on the used market. However, unlike the name suggests, this dark grey colour will do a good job at hiding dirt.

Shadow Black – £495

If you want a safe colour choice, Shadow Black is for you. Black is sought after on the used market so, if you want something easy to sell on, this is your colour. Black cars are notorious for showing dirt quickly, however, so budget for plenty of car washes.

Blue Wave – £745 (Zetec trim only)

This teal shade will help you turn heads as you go. It won’t be as easy to keep clean as some other darker colours, but it shouldn’t be too difficult to sell on to the used market.

Ruby Red – £745 (Zetec trim only)

Ruby Red is a rich shade and is only available on popular Zetec trim. This dark red colour shouldn’t be too hard to sell on and won’t get dirty as dirty as a lighter shade. It’s a little pricey so don’t expect to get your money back when you come to sell it.

Chrome Copper – (B&O PLAY Zetec trim only)

This light reddish-brown shade is eye-catching and unique. It’s fairly light so will get filthy quickly without frequent washing and, being a little more ‘out there’ than some choices, it might not sell as quickly as a more conventional colour on the used market.

Bohai Bay Mint – (B&O PLAY Zetec trim only)

This light green hue is reminiscent of the sea, reflecting the bay in China after which it’s named. This light colour will take frequent washes to keep clean and may not be to taste of every buyer on the used market so make sure you want it before ticking the box.

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