Fiat Tipo colours guide and prices

August 03, 2016 by

Fiat’s new Tipo family hatchback promises to offer decent practicality and fun driving dynamics along with the price tag and running costs of a supermini. It launches in the UK later this year, but we’ve put together this guide to the different colours Fiat will offer to help you pick the one best suited to you.

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Pastel colours

Ambient White – £0

Ambient White is the only no-cost option on the Tipo and will be a very popular choice with buyers making it easy to resell. It’ll get grimy very quickly though, so be sure to budget for plenty of visits to your local car wash.

Metallic colours

Elba Blue – £550

Dark blues always look classy and lends the Tipo a more upmarket vibe. It’s not the most exciting shade, but it’ll hide grime well and should be easy to sell on – its £550 price is the same as all the other metallic shades, so it represents decent value, too.

Magnetic Bronze – £550

Bronzes and browns are fashionable right now and help the Tipo look more expensive than it is. It’s a subtle hue so should sell nearly as easily as monochrome cars. In addition, this colour will hide road grime for a very long time before you’ll need to wash it.

Electroclash Grey – £550

Electroclash Grey is a darker shade that will suit those looking to fly under the radar. It’s not the most exciting colour, but it should be easy to sell to the used market and easy to keep clean thanks to its dark hue.

Minimal Grey – £550

Minimal Grey is, despite its billing, a simple silver shade – like the grey hues, it’s not the most exciting shade, but will be popular with second hand buyers. Light silver cars don’t hide the dirt and grime for very long, so you’ll need to keep on top of the cleaning regime.

Volcano Black – £550

This is your only option if you’re after a black Tipo. Black tends to be popular with used car buyers too, but, unlike many darker hues, it’s a pain to keep clean and poor quality car washes can leave swirl marks behind.

Sand Pearl – £550

Sand Pearl makes an interesting alternative to other silver shades – it has a distinct champagne hue to it that gives it extra depth. It should be a bit easier to keep clean than silver, but used buyers may not be as keen on it as some of the more conventional shades.

Tango Red – £550

Tango Red is arguably the most eye-catching colour available, although it’s still quite subdued for a red shade. It should hide road grime moderately well but may not be as popular as more neutral choices when it comes time to sell it on.

Save money on your Fiat Tipo

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