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Volvo V40 colours guide and prices

November 07, 2016 by

The Volvo V40 is a stylish and attractive Swedish family hatchback. Choosing the right colour is essential to make the most of the car’s shape and can help make it easier to sell on when the time comes. We’ve gathered all the paint options available on the V40, alongside the prices for each.

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Solid paints

Passion Red – (£0)

Red certainly makes a car stand out from the crowd, but it isn’t as easy to sell on the used car market as more subtle colours. Nevertheless, it won’t need as much cleaning as white or silver and looks striking on the V40.

Ice White – (£0)

Ice White is more neutral and simple, for those who want a quietly classy colour for their V40 hatchback. It’ll do well with used car buyers but white cars are notoriously tricky to keep clean, so there’ll be regular trips to the car wash.

Amazon Blue – (£0)

Amazon Blue is a subtle and understated option for the V40. It’s not as loud as other shades but will hide dirt well and should be easier to sell to the second hand market compared to brighter colours.

Black Stone – (£275)

This is the only solid paint colour option that you have to pay more for but Black Stone is a classy choice for the V40. It’s a colour that never gets old and will be easy to sell when the time comes, while it’s also easier to maintain than a metallic black.

Metallic paints

Bright Silver – (£550)

Bright Silver is a smart and sophisticated option for the V40 and is one of the most understated and subtle metallic paints on offer. It’s perfect for those who just want their car to blend into the background but silver can be tricky to keep clean. At least it’ll be easy to sell on the used car market…

Flamenco Red – (£550)

As the name suggests, Flamenco Red is a bright and eye-catching colour that adds a touch of flair to the V40’s smart exterior design. It should hide dirt fairly well and, with red being one of the more common shades on the market, it should be fairly easy to sell on.

Raw Copper – (£550)

Raw Copper is an unusual colour in the automotive market and stands out as a result. It looks good on the V40 and will hide dirt well, but it may be harder to shift on the used car market than a more conventional colour.

Osmium Grey – (£550)

This deeper grey metallic option should hide dirt better and not require as frequent washes as lighter shades. It’s a desirable colour so will be in high demand on the second hand car market as well.

Onyx Black – (£550)

This is the only metallic black on offer and one of only two darker shades. It’s a classy and timeless colour for the V40 and will be in high demand with second hand buyers. Dirt shows up quickly on black cars, however, and cheap car washes can leave swirls, so avoid cutting corners here.

Luminous Sand – (£550)

Luminous Sand is a colour that fits in somewhere between bronze and silver on the spectrum. It’s one of the more unusual shades on offer with the V40 so might be harder to sell on but it will make your hatchback more unique. Dirt will show up quite quickly though.

Denim Blue – (£550)

Denim Blue is a deep and rich colour that suits the V40’s sharp lines and subtle curves. It should hide dirt fairly well and will be in high demand on the second hand market making resale easy.

Mussel Blue – (£550)

This colour brings a splash of subtle colour to the V40. It won’t hide dirt as well as darker shades but should be fairly easy to sell to the used car market.

Premium metallic paints

Electric Silver Premium Metallic – (£825)

This is one of Volvo’s premium metallic options. It’s more expensive but has a richer quality than the regular metallic shades. Electric Silver is a conservative and simple shade, which should be popular with used car buyers, although it won’t hide dirt as well as darker colours.

Crystal White Premium Metallic – (£825)

Crystal White has more depth in direct sunshine than conventional white shades. Dirt will show up very quickly but it’s a price you pay for such a sophisticated option. It will do decently on the second hand market, however.

Bursting Blue Premium Metallic – (£825)

Bursting Blue is available for R-Design and R-Design Pro models of the V40. It’s a deep blue shade that makes the car stand out from the crowd and suits the car’s curves. It’ll hide dirt fairly well so trips to the car wash shouldn’t be too frequent and it’ll be easy to sell on when the time comes.

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