Volvo V40: colours guide and prices

Volvo’s styling has come a long way in the last few years, and the current V40 is a good example of how much more desirable the Swedish manufacturer’s cars are these days. Pick an attractive car in an ugly colour, however, and you’ll throw money away when you come to sell it.

Here’s our guide to the paint colours offered for the Volvo V40. Put the Volvo V40 in our car configurator to see how much carwow could help you save. To learn what the difference between solid, metallic and special paints is, read our car paint types guide.

Solid paints

Passion Red (£0)

Reds aren’t as popular as monochrome colours so can take a little longer to sell on. Nevertheless, Passion Red is a colour that suits the V40 well, doesn’t cost any extra and won’t need as much cleaning as white or light silver.

Ice White (£0)

Ice White is a great choice for the V40 that won’t cost you a penny extra either. White isn’t showing any sign of going out of fashion so used buyers will happily take it off your hands. Just make sure you wash it regularly because white doesn’t hide dirt well.

Black Stone (£0)

Black isn’t offered for free by many manufacturers, so it’s good to see it offered here on the V40. Not only is it a no-cost option, it’s a colour that never goes out of fashion making it easy to sell on and, being solid, it’s easier to maintain than metallic black.

Rebel Blue (£275)

Unofficially called ‘Swedish racing green’, Rebel Blue is a lighter blue that helps the otherwise subtle V40 stand out. It’ll take a fair amount of cleaning to keep it on form but used buyers are unlikely to be put off by this shade.

Metallic paints

Bright Silver (£550)

Bright Silver is a sensible choice for resale values because silver cars are easy to sell on to the used market. It’ll show up grime fairly quickly so budget for plenty of car washes to keep it looking good.

Magic Blue (£550)

Magic blue is a very dark blue that looks almost black under some lights. It’s a subtle, sophisticated shade that’ll be easy to sell to the used market. It won’t take much cleaning to keep it looking good, either, making it an easy choice.

Flamenco Red (£550)

This is a richer, metallic red that suits the V40’s upmarket image. It won’t attract second-hand buyers as quickly as blacks or silvers and sits somewhere between white and dark grey in terms of how easy it is to keep clean.

Raw Copper (£550)

With Volvo’s cars now having a sleeker and sportier look than in years gone by, Raw Copper is a colour that’s a bit of throwback to the old days. It’s a bit more outlandish than some hues meaning it won’t sell as easily to the used market but it should hide road dirt for some time.

Misty Blue (£550)

This metallic sky blue looks classy and is a little more interesting than a standard silver. Like silver, it’ll take a fair bit of cleaning to keep it looking good but, if you do, used buyers should be very keen to take this off your hands.

Power Blue (£550)

Darker than Rebel Blue, Power Blue has a rich metallic sheen that lends it an air of class. It’ll hide road dirt for a good while so you won’t need to wash it as often as darker colours and used buyers will be happy to pick this colour.

Osmium Grey (£550)

Osmium Grey is a deep gunmetal shade that, like Power Blue, makes the V40 look classy. It won’t need frequent car wash trips and it’ll be easy to sell to the used market. It’s not one for the extroverts, though.

Onyx Black (£550)

Onyx Black is a reliable choice if you’ve one eye on resale values. Black cars are easy to sell to the used market and hide road dirt fairly well. Don’t cut corners when cleaning it, though, because cheap car washes will leave swirl marks.

Premium metallic paints

Electric Silver Premium metallic (£825)

Slightly deeper than Bright Silver, Electric Silver gets a special metallic finish to make it stand out further, especially under sunlight. Keep it clean and used buyers will happily buy it from you, just don’t expect to recover the cost of this option.

Crystal White Premium metallic (£825)

Like the other premium metallic options, don’t expect to recover the cost of Crystal White paint when you come to resell the car. Nevertheless, it won’t put many buyers off provided you budget for regular car wash trips.

What next?

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