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Mercedes A-Class colours and price guide

February 23, 2021 by

Perhaps unsurprisingly, considering it’s a premium car, many of the colours available on the Mercedes A-Class are pretty sensible. However, there is still a decent selection of paint finishes to pick from, and you can check out our full colour guide below so you can pick the perfect paint for your new Mercedes A-Class.

  • Polar White
  • Cosmos Black
  • Denim Blue
  • Digital White
  • Iridium Silver
  • Mountain Grey
  • Patagonia Red

Polar White – No-cost option

You’re in luck if you want a white Mercedes A-Class, as you can pick this colour on the car without paying a penny extra. Admittedly, the no-cost option is a solid shade, which means it looks a bit flat in comparison with an equivalent metallic finish, though Polar White is still a smart-looking and appropriately cool colour for the car. As with all whites, though, it’ll show up dirt really easily.

Cosmos Black – £595

At the other end of the spectrum is the first of the metallic paint options available on the Mercedes A-Class. The premium-looking sheen and the fact it’s an inoffensive colour means Cosmos Black will likely be popular with A-Class buyers, and it also helps emphasise the car’s shiny silver trim pieces. That upmarket image can be lost if you don’t clean the black paintwork properly, as the colour shows up dirt and swirl marks really easily.

Denim Blue – £595

It’s likely that many Mercedes A-Class buyers will have their car painted white, black or a shade of grey. However, if you’d like a classy colour that’s a bit different from the norm, then Denim Blue could be worth considering. Plus, the darker tone means it does a decent job at hiding dirt. However, as it’s still an unconventional colour, it might not have as much appeal with used buyers when you decide to sell the car on.

Digital White – £595

If you’d prefer your A-Class be painted in a white, but have a bit more pizzazz than Polar White, then Mercedes has you covered. If you’re up for paying extra, you can have Digital White instead, which has (thanks to its shiny metallic finish) has a bit more depth to it than the no cost solid shade. You’ll still need to frequently have the car cleaned if you want your A-Class looking spotless, though.

Iridium Silver – £595

Mercedes buyers seemingly like to spec Iridium Silver on their cars, as the A-Class is one of the many Mercs models available with this colour option. It’s easy to see why it’s such an apparently popular paint – while it’s far from being an adventurous colour, it is nevertheless a smart-looking shade that’s given an extra lift by the sheen of its metallic finish. Being a bright colour means it do a poor job of hiding any road grime that’s built up on the bodywork, though.

Mountain Grey – £595

In contrast to Iridium Silver, the much darker Mountain Grey does a better job at hiding dirt – which means you can get away with slightly longer spells between washes without your car looking filthy. The colour’s metallic finish also helps liven up what would otherwise have been a standard gunmetal grey. Plus, as it’s an inoffensive colour, you shouldn’t have any problems selling a Mercedes A-Class in Mountain Grey on the used market.

Patagonia Red – £795

Rounding out our run-down of paint options for the Mercedes A-Class is perhaps the quirkiest colour you can have on the car: Patagonia Red. It’s likely a colour that won’t have the same universal appeal as a silver, white or black, but the deep hue and metallic finish do give the colour an appropriately upmarket look. Do also bear in mind that Patagonia Red is the only colour here that isn’t available across the A-Class range – unlike the rest of the Mercedes’ paint options, you can’t spec it on the entry-level SE trim.

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