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Audi A1 colours and paint price guide

January 08, 2021 by

The Audi A1 Sportback is a good choice if you’re after a well-rounded supermini that’s comfy, practical and comes with a good amount of kit as standard. Because it’s a premium car, it should in theory also fare a bit better than some of its more mainstream rivals with regards to resale values – especially if you pick a safe-and-sensible shade of paint for it.

That doesn’t mean you won’t be able to pick a less conventional colour if that’s what you want, though. While many of the Audi A1’s colour options are admittedly variations of white, grey, silver and black, you can also spec paints ranging from dark green and navy blue to even a vivid yellow hue instead. Check out all of the colour options for the Audi A1 in our price guide below.

Audi A1 Shell White – No cost option

Shell White is one of the most basic colour options available on the Audi A1, though it’s still a decent choice. The good news is that the colour can be specified for no extra cost, and the white paint helps make styling features like the front grille and the black trim on the front bumper stand out even more. Because it’s a solid finish, it doesn’t have the sheen of an equivalent metallic shade – though that does make it a bit easier to touch-up blemishes like scratches and stone chips.


Audi A1 Arrow Grey – £575

If you want to play it safe and sensible when picking the paint for your new Audi A1, there are worse colours available than Arrow Grey. As well as being an inoffensive and smart-looking colour, it also has the extra brownie points of being a pearlescent paint – which means it has an even brighter and deeper shine than a comparable metallic hue. You aren’t limited to certain trims if you pick Arrow Grey, either, as it’s available across the entire Audi A1 range.


Audi A1 Chronos Grey – £575

Another worthy shout for a colour that won’t rock the boat is Chronos Grey. Like Arrow Grey, it’s a shade that suits the Audi A1 well and, while it isn’t a pearlescent colour, the metallic finish does mean it sparkles and shines nicely in the sunlight. Do bear in mind, though, that you’ll need to go for either the S-Line, Black Edition or range-topping Vorsprung trim if you want an Audi A1 in Chronos Grey.

Audi A1 Firmament Blue – £575

There are two shades of blue available on the Audi A1, and Firmament Blue is by far the darker of the pair – in essence, it’s a metallic shade of navy. While that means it won’t stand out in a car park, it does at least make an inoffensive choice that, like the greys listed above, help make the car look a bit more upmarket. You can’t mix this smart shade with the plushest trim levels, though, as Firmament Blue can only be specified on the entry-level Technik and Sport grades.


Audi A1 Glacier White – £575

They may both be the same colour, but there are subtle differences between Shell White and Glacier White. The latter’s silver tint makes it slightly darker, for instance, and the metallic finish gives it a bit more of a sheen than the solid Shell White. Plus, the metallic flakes in the paint help give Glacier White an appropriately frosty finish when sunlight is shining on it.


Audi A1 Manhattan Grey – £575

By far the darkest grey you can spec on the Audi A1 is Manhattan Grey – at a quick glance, you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s a shade of black. As a result, it helps give the A1 a bit of an understated look and, because it’s an inoffensive colour, it should make the Audi a bit easier to find a new home for if you decide to sell it on. If there is a downside to Manhattan Grey, it’s that you can only pick it on the entry level Technik and Sport models.


Audi A1 Misano Red – £575

In comparison with many of the other colour options on this list, Misano Red is quite a bright choice. While that means it won’t be to everyone’s tastes, the red paint does give the Audi A1 a bit of a sporty look – especially once you factor in the more aggressive styling on S Line models. Fear not if that trim isn’t what you’re after, though, as Misano Red is available across the entire Audi A1 range.


Audi A1 Mythos Black – £575

If you want a new Audi A1 in black, then you have no choice but to tick the option box for Mythos Black. Thankfully, it’s a smart-looking shade thanks to the metallic sheen, and it also contrasts nicely with design details like the silver frame that surrounds the front grille. Mythos Black is available across almost all of the A1’s trim levels, too – though, weirdly, it can’t be specified on the Black Edition spec.


Audi A1 Python Yellow – £575

By far the brightest colour available on the Audi A1 is the very vibrant shade of Python Yellow you see here. The colour won’t be for everyone’s tastes, so you may want to think twice before picking it if you want to maximise the car’s potential resale value – though Audi seems to think there’s good demand for it, as Python Yellow can be specified across the A1 range.


Audi A1 Tioman Green – £575

If you’d prefer an out-there colour for your new Audi A1, but think hues like Misano Red and Python Yellow are a bit too bold, then Tioman Green could be a decent choice. As greens aren’t as commonplace on new car colour charts as they used to be, it’ll help make your A1 stand out a bit in traffic, though it’s still a subtle colour that should also hide dirt and grime fairly well.

Audi A1 Turbo Blue – £575 (No cost option on Black Edition trim)

Want a new blue Audi A1, but would prefer something brighter than Firmament Blue? Then you’ll likely be best catered for by the much lighter Turbo Blue. As with all of the optional paint colours on the Audi A1, ticking the option box for this colour adds £575 to the car’s price – that is, except on the Black Edition spec, as Turbo Blue is the shade that comes as standard on this trim.

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