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Volkswagen Up colours guide and prices

August 16, 2016 by

The Volkswagen Up is one of the best city cars on sale at the moment. There are a wide range of colour options, so we’ve put together a comprehensive list of the different shades available for the Up to help you choose the right one for your new car.

To understand the differences between solid, metallic and special paint finishes, check out our car paint types guide.

Solid finishes

Tornado Red – £0

Cheerful red paint matches the Up’s cheeky looks and is one of the safer options for a small car. It comes standard on all Up models and will conceal dirt longer than lighter hues. Despite it being a bold shade, these typically suit smaller cars and it shouldn’t put off used buyers.

Candy White – £270

White is a versatile colour and works well on most cars. The Up is no exception, but lighter colours are notoriously difficult to keep clean. Car wash visits will be more frequent but it’ll be a popular option on the used market.

Teal Blue – £270

This teal blue colour is a refreshingly bold option for the Up and suits the car’s fun looks. Available on Take Up, Move Up and High Up models, it’ll show up dirt quicker than darker hues. As one of the more unusual shades to choose from, it may be harder to sell to used buyers than more conventional colours.

Pure White – £270

Pure White is the lightest colour option for the Up and is available for all four models. This bright shade will be popular among used car buyers but it will require regular trips to the car wash to keep it spotless.

Metallic finishes

Costa Azul – £515

The lightest blue option for the Up is available for Take Up, Move Up and High Up models. The hue will stand out from the crowd and it’s unlikely used buyers will be put off, though it will be trickier to keep clean compared to darker shades.

Honey Yellow – £515

An Up in eye-catching Honey Yellow is perfect for more extroverted owners. Such a bright hue isn’t universally appealing, however, so selling a yellow car on the used market will take longer and you’ll need to clean it more frequently than a darker colour.

Tungsten Silver – £515

Silver is a popular colour and pretty low risk, with the Tungsten hue being the lightest of the two silvers available on the Up. It’ll be a strong option for the used market but won’t do a great job of hiding grime.

White Silver – £515

A slightly darker silver hue, this option will hold up well on the used car market and hide road grime slightly better than the Tungsten shade. However, you’ll probably still need to make regular trips to the car wash to keep it in tip-top shape.

Special finishes

Habanero Orange – £625

This metallic shade gives the Up added flair and pizzazz. You don’t see many orange cars on the roads and this hue will certainly make your Up stand out. Available for Take Up, Move Up and High Up trim levels, it’ll be better at disguising grime and probably a little easier to sell than yellow.

Deep Black – £515

Black is a safe colour choice for the Up, giving it a sophisticated and understated look. Available for all four trim levels, black cars will be easy to sell to the second hand market, but they don’t hide dirt well. It’s important to not cut costs with cheap car washes, which can leave swirl marks.


Contrasting roofs – £230 to £745

Every colour for the Up apart from Habanero Orange comes with the option of having a contrasting colour for the roof and wing mirrors. These range from £230 to £745 in price, with white, grey and black being the three choices. This is only available for Move Up and High Up trim levels.

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