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Mercedes SLC colours guide and prices

July 22, 2016 by

The new Mercedes SLC is essentially an extensive facelift of the old SLK. It remains a stylish and premium choice, and its folding metal roof is still a pleasure to behold. There haven’t been many changes in terms of colour choices, but there’s still a wide choice for buyers to choose from. This guide will help you pick which shade you want.

Put the Mercedes SLC in our car configurator to see the deals carwow could help you get. If you don’t know your solids from your specials, our car paints guide explains all you need to know.

Solid colours

Black – £0

Most cars look great in black, and the SLC is no exception. This hue also works well with the metallic accents dotted around the vehicle and will be a desirable colour on the used market. You’ll have to budget for plenty of trips to the car wash, however, because black attracts dirt quickly unlike many darker colours.

Fire Opal – £0

Fire opal is arguably the most extrovert ‘no cost’ paint option. It actually looks rather smart and suits the SLC’s sleek shape, but used buyers might not be quite as keen on this shade when compared to some other other choices available. It’ll perform moderately at hiding dirt.

Polar White – £0

White is a very popular colour and this solid shade keeps the new SLC looking fresh and crisp. The lack of a metallic flake means it doesn’t feel as special as optional colours further down and plenty of visits to the car wash will be needed over its life. White is, however, fairly easy to sell to the used market.

Metallic colours

Iridium Silver metallic – £645

Silver is always a safe choice for a new car and this metallic shade will ensure easy resale to the used market. It’s not the most inspiring of colours and it’ll be tricky to keep clean but, as an all round shade, it’s thoroughly inoffensive.

Diamond Silver metallic – £645

The SLC’s second silver shade is fractionally more interesting than the first – Diamond Silver has a very faint blue hue giving it added depth. Like the other silver, it’ll be easy to resell but harder to keep clean.

Selenite Grey metallic – £645

Dark grey is an ever-popular colour for premium cars so suits the SLC well. Being dark, it’ll hide road grime for a good while before needing a clean and used buyers will be happy to take this hue off your hands.

Brilliant Blue metallic – £645

Brilliant Blue is one of the more extroverted colour choices available on the SLC – the rich blue is eye catching, but not to the extent that it’d put off used buyers. It should also be fairly easy to keep clean compared to lighter colours.

Indium Grey metallic – £645

Indium Grey is a warmer shade of grey than the other choices available on the SLC thanks to some some earthy hues in the mix. It’ll hide dirt for a long time before needing a clean and used buyers are likely to be attracted by its premium feel.

Obsidian Black metallic – £645

Although the solid black is free, some buyers will prefer the more premium look that metallic paint offers. Like the other black, used buyers will be very keen on this colour but you’ll have to keep on top of the cleaning to make sure it always looks good.

Special Designo colours

Designo Cerussite Grey magno (matt) – £1,595

Matt paint is no longer the preserve of boy-racers thanks to its popularity among the rich and famous. The matt grey really does make the SLC stand out and will be favoured by used buyers. Be aware, however, that matt paint fares better in the long run if cleaned by experienced car cleaners familiar with this finish type. Plus, you’re unlikely to recover this hue’s huge cost come resale time – it’s up to you whether the look is worth the cost.

Designo Diamond White metallic – £895

Mercedes offers two different white shades on the SLC and, while most buyers will probably end up choosing the solid shade, this special shade offers a richer finish thanks to microscopic flakes in the paintwork. Like all whites, used buyers will be quick to snap this colour up provided you clean it frequently.

Designo Hyacinth Red metallic – £895

Hyacinth Red is deeper and richer than the regular red above thanks to its metallic finish. As a more extrovert colour, it might be marginally harder to resell and a moderately frequent cleaning schedule is recommended for best results. Like all expensive paint finishes, you probably won’t make your money back when you sell it.

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