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Nissan GT-R colours guide and prices

June 30, 2016 by

Nissan’s GT-R offers true supercar pace and handling at a relatively attainable price and in a surprisingly practical package. If you’re lucky enough to be able to afford a new one, you have a decent selection of colours from which to choose.

This guide will help you pick which shade suits you best. Colour is an important decision – choose wisely and it won’t be a bother to keep clean and it’ll be easier to sell on. If you don’t know your solids from your metallics, our car paint types guide explains all.

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Solid paints

Vibrant Red – £0

Red tends to suit sports cars rather well, and the GT-R is no exception. It may be the sole no-cost option but it still looks dramatic, so is bound to attract lots of buyers when it comes to reselling it. Red does a mediocre job of hiding dirt.

Metallic paints

Gun Metallic – £850

A dark grey like this is a stylish choice and gives the GT-R a menacing look that wouldn’t be out of place in a Fast and Furious film. It’ll be relatively easy to keep clean thanks to its darkness and is likely to be popular with used buyers.

Storm White – £850

White is another colour that’s highly popular among buyers new and used. Be aware, you might find yourself endlessly washing and polishing your new purchase because white is a pain to keep clean.

Daytona Blue – £850

Daytona Blue is incredibly deep and rich, and harks back to the old ‘Skyline’ models that preceded the GT-R. It might be a little less extrovert than some shades here, but it’s still an attractive shade that’ll attract used buyers easily and stay clean for longer than a lighter colour.

Pearl Black – £850

Black is always a popular choice for buyers and will be easy to sell to the used market. It’ll be tricky to keep looking its best, however because black shows up dirt very quickly. Nevertheless, it’s a sensible choice in the long run provided you keep it looking good.

Ultimate Silver – £1,750

It’s a little strange that silver is the most expensive colour choice on the GT-R, but Ultimate Silver makes up for it by being an expensive and luxurious looking shade. Like most light colours, plenty of cleaning will be needed to keep it on form but it should at least be easy to sell on.

Katsura Orange – £1,750

This stand-out shade will certainly turn some heads on your commute but its boldness might make it slightly harder to sell your GT-R to the used market. Equally, its lightness means you’ll have to keep on top of the cleaning to make sure it looks its best. Be aware – you’re unlikely to recover the paint’s high cost come resale time.

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