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VW T-Roc UK colours guide and prices

October 30, 2017 by

The funky looking VW T-Roc SUV was released in 2017. It took VW a while to join the small SUV party, but the resulting car is one of the best on sale – you can see exactly what we think about it in our detailed VW T-Roc review. If you’re thinking of buying one, it’s worth checking out the choice of colours it’s available in – read on for our comprehensive guide to the different shades available.

Non-metallic finishes

Urano Grey – £0

This colour is standard across the T-Roc range and won’t cost you a penny. It’s a conservative choice, but it’ll look very smart and civilised. You’ll have no problem re-selling it because grey is very popular and it’ll hide a lot of road dirt and grime.

Pure White – £280

Pure White won’t sparkle in the sunlight like a metallic white will, but Pure White still looks good on the T-Roc and it won’t give you any headaches when it’s time to sell it on because white is a very fashionable colour. That said, it’ll clearly need a lot of polishing – it’ll show off every speck of dirt you pick up.

Flash Red – £280

Flash Red is quite a dark colour and is also available on the Polo. Unlike some shades, this red isn’t too bright – instead, it’s quite grown-up and suits the T-Roc well. It might take slightly longer to resell, but it should do an ok job of hiding grime.

Metallic finishes

Energetic Orange – £575

The first metallic colour is an orange shade that looks quite dark – more like bronze than a bright orange. As a result, it’s smart instead of vivid, but will still make your T-Roc stand out. It shouldn’t be all that difficult to sell on, and will also hide most of the dirt so you won’t need to clean it so often.

Ravenna Blue – £575

This is the lighter of the T-Roc’s two blue colours and highlights the car’s creases nicely. Choose this colour and you’ll have buyers waiting to prise it off you, and might hide the worst grime the road can throw at you.

Turmeric Yellow – £575

The brightest and most eye-catching colour you can specify is this Turmeric Yellow, which in real life is a golden hue. That said, it’s not overly vivid so it might not need quite as much cleaning as brighter shades, but it could be longer before someone buys it from you.

Atlantic Blue – £575

Atlantic Blue is the darker of the two blue shades and looks pretty smart, especially when the sun is shining on the paintwork. You won’t need to visit the car wash that often unless you’ll be going off-road, and buyers won’t be put off by this colour.

White Silver – £575

As the name might suggest, this colour is a mix between white and silver, and it looks great when the metallic flakes reflect the sunlight. That on its own could be worth the premium over the non-metallic white, and you’ll have lots of people wanting to buy it from you. Bear in mind that you might get to know your local car wash attendants pretty well…

Dark Oak Brown – £575

Brown is very fashionable at the moment so you’ll have no problem selling it on. It’s subtle but slightly mud-coloured, and it should look smart on your driveway. Another bonus with a car of this colour is that it’ll hide most of the dirt – it’ll just blend in!

Indium Grey – £575

A grey shade is a safe choice that used buyers will love, and you’ll enjoy the smartness and sophistication that it brings to the T-Roc. You shouldn’t need to get the car cleaning stuff out too often either.

Pearl Effect finishes

Deep Black – £575

Normally a pearl effect finish costs more than a metallic paint, so you could see this hue as a bit of a bargain. Black looks classy and prospective buyers will favour this shade over some of the brighter colours, but unlike other dark shades, it’ll show a lot of the dirt you pick up so will need regular scrubbing.

Colour contrasting roof and door mirrors – £400

On most colours you can specify a black roof and door mirrors at an extra cost of £400. It makes the T-Roc look even more smart and crisp, so it could well be worth the initial extra outlay. It’s available on all colours apart from Urano Grey, Atlantic Blue and Deep Black.

On the Pure White colour, there is also the option to specify a red roof and door mirrors. It could be great if you want your car to really stand out and it doesn’t cost more than the standard white shade, although you will have to specify a different interior trim that’ll cost extra.

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