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VW Polo colours guide and prices

The latest Volkswagen Polo was released in 2017 and it’s now more like a Golf than ever. Despite strong competition from the SEAT Ibiza, Ford Fiesta and Vauxhall Corsa, it’s still one of the best small cars you can buy. You can find out more about it in our in-depth VW Polo review. If you’re thinking of buying one, it’s worth checking out the choice of colours it’s available in – read on for our comprehensive guide to the different shades available.

Non-metallic shades

Urano Grey – £0

If you can’t choose what colour to paint your Polo, this handsome grey is standard across most of the range. It’s the only free shade, but it’ll suit the Polo really well and look smart. It might be a savvy choice as used buyers will flock to this colour, and it won’t need too much scrubbing to keep clean.

Pure White – £340

White’s a very fashionable colour at the moment so you’ll have no problems when it comes to sell, and this shade is the cheapest white available. It’ll take a lot of polishing if you want to keep it clean, however. It’s available on all trim levels apart from the Beats edition and GTI models.

Black – £340

There’s no fancy name here, just a smart black paint that will look more sophisticated than the price may suggest. Prospective buyers will love this colour, although it’ll show up almost all the dirt and road grime you pick up. Like the Pure White above, it’s available on S, SE, SEL and R-Line models.

Flash Red – £340

The last non-metallic colour is this vibrant red hue which is standard on Beats and GTI models and optional on the rest of the range. It will definitely make the Polo stand out in a crowd, and this youthful shade suits a small car such as the Polo really well. This paint might put off some potential buyers, but shouldn’t be impossible to sell. It’ll probably show most of the dirt and could need regular cleaning.

Metallic shades

Reef Blue – £565

Reef Blue is a smart colour that hits the sweet spot between being bright and relatively inconspicuous. When the sun shines on it, this colour will shine and look fantastic, but it is fairly safe in terms of resale – people won’t be put off by it. It should hide some road grime and is an optional extra on all but the Beats trim.

Energetic Orange – £565

Usually a colour as vivid as this might be one to avoid, but Energetic Orange looks interesting and suits the Polo. Selling a car in Energetic Orange might take slightly longer than more conservative shades, but there will almost certainly be people wanting to buy it from you. It’ll show a lot of the dirt and dust, and it’s an option on S, SE, SEL and R-Line trims.

Ivory Silver – £565

The first of four silver paint options is this Ivory hue, which is slightly sand-coloured. It might be a braver choice than the other silvers on offer, although any silver shade should be very easy to sell. It won’t need to be cleaned so often as it should hide most of the dirt the road can throw at you, and you can choose this colour on all trims apart from the Beats and GTI models.

Reflex Silver – £565

Just like the two colours above, Reflex Silver is available on S, SE, SEL and R-Line trims. It’s a more traditional silver shade and will look smart and timeless if you choose it for your Polo, and it’ll be one of the easiest shades to sell on. It should repel some of the dirt, but might still need regular scrubbing.

Champagne Silver – £565

As the name suggests, this colour is a similar shade to an expensive fizzy wine. It’ll be a classy choice, but could put off some potential buyers. You won’t have to clean it as much as some other shades, and it’s available on the S, SE and SEL trims.

White Silver – £565

This colour is a shinier metallic alternative to the Pure White shade above and will look much more premium on a sunny day when the sun catches the metallic flakes. It’s an extra £225 over the non-metallic white, but it’ll sell like hot cakes. That said, you’ll get well acquainted with your local car wash if you pick this shade because it’ll show every smidge of dirt. It’s available on all Polo models except the fast GTI.

Limestone Grey – £565

One of the darker colours available on the Polo is this Limestone Grey. It’s guaranteed to make the car look smart and will attract plenty of potential buyers at resale time. Choose this shade and you’ll also have to make fewer trips to the car wash as it should hide most of the grime, and it’s an option on S, SE, SEL, R-Line and GTI variants.

Pearl Effect shades

Deep Black – £565

Slightly unusually, this pearl black isn’t more expensive than the metallic options, meaning it could be worth the extra outlay over the standard, non-metallic black paint. You’ll not have any problems selling a car in this colour, as it’s smart, popular and sophisticated, although it could show up dirt and swirl marks from cheaper car washes. It’s available on all six Polo trims.

Metallic Black roof – £295

To make your Polo stand out a bit more, you can specify a metallic black roof on all paint colours besides the two black shades and Limestone Grey. It looks smart, but you might not recoup the extra outlay when you come to sell on.

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