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Kia Niro SUV colours guide and prices

August 18, 2016 by

The Kia Niro is a spacious crossover with chunky looks and cheap running costs thanks to its hybrid engine. There are a range of colours available for the Niro, so we’ve put together a comprehensive list of the different shades to help you pick the right one.

To learn the difference between solid, metallic and special paint finishes, check out our car paint types guide.

Solid finishes

Clear White – £0

Clear White is one of the safer choices for the Niro but it suits the crossover’s curves. It’s available on 1, 2 and 3-spec trim levels. Light-coloured cars are notoriously difficult to keep clean so it’ll require more trips to the car wash but it should be easy to sell to the used market.

Temptation Red – £0

This deep red colour will certainly make your Niro stand out from the crowd and brings out the car’s aggressive lines. It’s exclusively to 2 and 3 trim levels and will hide grime better than some lighter options. It might be trickier to shift on the used market compared to traditional black, white and grey shades, however.

Metallic finishes

Graphite – £0

Available across the entire Niro range, dark grey Graphite is perfect if you want to drive under the radar. The stylish shade will require fewer washes, disguise dirt well and should be attractive to used buyers.

Midnight Black – £0

The only black available for the Niro lends it a smart, sophisticated appearance and is available on all trim levels. Midnight Black will fare well on the used market but will need much more cleaning than other dark shades because black shows up road grime very quickly.

White Pearl – £0

The lightest colour available for the Niro gives the crossover’s boxy body a slimmer appearance. It’s available for the 2, 3 and First Edition trims. White cars mean dirt and grime will be more obvious and require frequent cleaning, but the colour should be popular with used buyers.

Ocean Blue – £0

Ocean Blue is one of the more out-there and eye-catching colours in the Niro range. It’s a fun, cheerful shade and will stay looking clean for a moderate length of time between washes. This bolder paintwork option might not be quite as popular on the used market as more conventional shades.

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