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Ford Ka+ colours guide and prices

July 22, 2016 by

The Ford Ka+ has replaced the outgoing non-Plus Ka and promises to offer the space of a larger supermini in a smaller and more cost-effective package. We’ve put together a list of the paint shades available to make choosing the perfect hue for your Ka+ as easy as possible. Take a look at our Ford Ka+ review page to find out more about this model, or check out our car paint types guide to understand the differences between the various finishes on offer.

Solid colours

Bright Yellow – £0

Bright yellow is the only no-cost paint available on the Ka and it’s certainly a striking choice. Its distinctive hue may not be the most popular with used buyers, however, and plenty of cleaning will be needed to keep it looking good.

Oxford White – £250

White is a popular colour making this a good choice if you’re concerned about ease of resale. It is, however, one of the worst choices if you want to avoid frequent cleaning because white attracts road grime like a magnet.

Metallic colours

Deep Impact Blue – £495

This blue shade is a traditional Ford hue and works well on the Ka+. Combined with the Zetec’s alloy wheels, it gives the car an almost hot-hatch look and should prove popular with buyers new and used. A darker blue such as this will be reasonably easy to keep clean, too.

Tuxedo Black – £495

Black always helps to give a car a smart, understated look and is a very sensible choice in terms of ease of resale. Unlike many darker colours, black shows up dirt very quickly so plentiful cleaning will be needed to keep it looking good.

Smoke Grey – £495

Like black, dark grey tends to look classy and low key while still managing to hide most of the muck thrown up on your daily commute. In addition to its infrequent cleaning schedule, dark grey is unlikely to put many used buyers off.

Ingot Silver – £495

Silver is always a safe option. Dirt and grime won’t be hidden quite as easily as with some darker shades, but neither will it stand out like with white or black paint. This is another good choice if you want an easy reselling experience down the line.

Ruby Red – £745 (only available on Zetec)

Ruby red is one of two ‘exclusive’ colours available on the Ka+ provided it’s in Zetec trim. At £745, it’s pretty pricey compared to other shades and you’re unlikely to get your money back when you resell the car. Red won’t see used buyers breaking your door down but, equally, won’t be as hard to sell as more outlandish shades.

Sparkling Gold – £745 (only available on Zetec)

Sparkling Gold is the second of the Ka+’s ‘exclusive’ shades. This shade is certainly eye-catching and distinctive, but its high price and polarising nature will probably make it a rare sight on the roads. It should provide middle-of-the-road performance for hiding road dirt.

Save money on your Ford Ka+

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