Maserati Levante colours guide and prices

July 01, 2016 by

The Maserati Levante is a striking new crossover that promises to offer sports saloon handling and family friendly practicality in a luxurious package. We’ve put together a list of the paint shades available to make choosing the perfect hue for your Levante as easy as possible.

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Solid colours


Nero is your only option if you’re after a black Levante. Black tends to be popular with used car buyers but, unlike many darker hues, it’s a pain to keep clean and poor quality car washes can leave swirl marks behind so don’t cut corners.


Bianco is likely to be another very popular choice with buyers – it’ll look great when clean and should be very easy to resell. It’ll get grimy very quickly though, so be sure to budget for plenty of visits to your local car wash.

Metallic colours


Rame translates in English to copper, and this brown/orange hue is one that’ll make your Levante look very classy, especially when paired with the larger alloy wheels found on many models. It’s a not exactly a subtle hue, but this colour will hide road grime for a long time before you’ll need to wash it.

Verde Ossido

Verde Ossido is an earthy hue that should stay looking clean for long periods between washes. Thanks to being at the subtler end of the spectrum, it’ll be easy to sell on too, especially given the Maserati’s svelte exterior.

Rosso Rubino

Rosso rubino is a rich red tone that echoes the Levante’s Italian heritage. Red does a moderate job of hiding road grime so will require semi-regular cleaning. It might not be as popular as more neutral choices when it comes time to sell it on.

Nero Ribelle

Nero Ribelle mixes a subtle blue hue with regular black. It’s still hard to keep clean so make sure you stay on top of it. Nevertheless, used buyers are unlikely to be put off by this shade.

Grigio Maratea

Grigio Maratea is one of several greys available on the Levante, and should prove popular among used car buyers.  It should hide dirt and grime well – great for those who plan to regularly travel long distances in their Maserati.


A medium grey/silver, Grigio isn’t an especially daring choice, but you should be able to find a buyer quickly when the time comes to sell. Silver paint does a fairly poor job of hiding dirt and grime so you’ll need to wash it regularly to keep it looking good.

Grigio Metallo

Grigio Metallo has hints of very pale blue in certain lights. It’ll be just as popular as conventional silver with used car buyers and will also require frequent cleaning to keep it looking good.


Champagne is, as you might expect, a champagne-type colour that adds a pale gold element to regular silver. It’s likely to hold its value quite well – subtle colours such as this tend to be popular with second-hand car buyers and, because it’s at the darker end of the spectrum, it’ll last longer between washes, too.

Blu Passione

Blu Passione isn’t quite as flashy as blue shades found on some rivals, but it does stand out from the traditional greys and blacks of the company car park. It’s subtle enough that it should prove easy to sell on when the time comes and blue paintwork should hide dirt reasonably well.

Blu Emozione

Blu Emozione is by far and away the most extroverted shade on the Levante – it’s bound to draw attention and envious stares. Whether that’s what you want is up to you, but it’s likely to be a sought after colour on the used market and also should hide dirt reasonably well.

Bianco Alpi

While the standard solid white is bound to be popular on forecourts, this pearlescent shade does even more to draw the eye and will hold its value well. However, it will be a pain to keep clean, which could ruin its exotic appearance.

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