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The best car paint colours you can buy

Picking the right colour for your car isn’t easy. One shade might reflect your personality perfectly but, if it needs cleaning every other day and won’t ever attract used buyers, you’ll rue the day you checked that box.

We’re looking at the best colours you can choose for your car – firstly, the colours that’ll give you the easiest ownership experience, and then the colours that’ll make by-standers stop and stare. For more information on what solid, metallic and pearlescent paints are, read our car paint types guide. If you’ve already picked your perfect new car and colour combination, why not use our handy PCP calculator to get a better idea how much it could cost?

Sensible shades

Look around at the cars on the road – this is the best indication of what colours are popular with used buyers. Unsurprisingly, monochrome shades take the majority of the top spots – white, silver, grey and black are all easy to sell on the used market.

After years of unpopularity, white is now the most popular colour for cars in the UK according to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, with 22 per cent of new cars sold8 in 2014 coming in this shade. 19 per cent are black, 14 per cent grey, blue, red and silver each make up 13 per cent, and all other shades form the remaining six per cent.

Remember, however, that white, silver and other light coloured cars show up road grime worse than darker ones. If you don’t want to spend a fortune at your local car wash, a darker car will hide road muck for longer than a light car. Be aware, though, that black cars can show up swirl marks from poor car washes – so don’t cut corners.

Cool colours

We’ve brought together some of our favourite colours currently for sale on the UK car market to give you some inspiration for your next car purchase. Naturally, looks are subjective so you might not agree with us – why not let us know your favourite shades in the comments section below?

DS 3 – Whisper Purple

The DS 3 is already a funky looking car but this optional colour really makes it stick out. It’s rich and deep and changes according to how the light is hitting it – occasionally looking black, then breaking out into a sparkly metallic aubergine.

McLaren P1 – McLaren Orange

This colour is offered across McLaren’s range but, when matched with its craziest hypercar – the P1 – you can’t help but look at it. It has history too – the legendary McLaren F1 raced in this shade and looked very cool doing so.

Jaguar F-Type Project 7 – British Racing Green

We’re a British website so we’re pretty much obliged to include a British Racing Green, and few cars wear it as well as the Jaguar F-Type. In speedy Project 7 form, it harks back to the iconic D and E-Type racing cars of the 50s and 60s.

Porsche Cayman – Racing Yellow

Porsche might be known for producing understated performance cars, but its racing cars often wear bright hues. The Racing Yellow on the Cayman really emphasises its sporty credentials and makes sure no one will miss you as you blast past them at a track day.

Lamborghini Huracan – Matte Black

Matte Black is a controversial colour and will probably split opinion. Fitted to a Lamborghini Huracan, however, it looks part supercar, part stealth fighter. For a car this outlandish, it’s the perfect choice to guarantee teenage bedroom wall fame for years to come.

Honda Civic Type R – Championship White

As mentioned, white is all the rage currently and Honda has been racing white cars for decades. The latest Civic Type R is offered in Championship White and this crisp, clean colour makes it look like a true race car for the road.

Volvo V60 Polestar – Rebel Blue

Volvo might call this Rebel Blue but, unofficially, it’s known as ‘Swedish Racing Green’ – in honour of its unique Scandinavian sense of humour. On the V60 Polestar it’s the perfect juxtaposition between a sensible family estate and a mad performance car. And, naturally, it’s very similar to carwow’s favourite shade!

Vauxhall Corsa VXR – Lime Green

Vauxhall’s Corsa VXR is already a bold machine that wears its speed on its sleeve. In this bold Lime Green hue, its looks befit the power under the bonnet. It catches light well really emphasises the curves in the Corsa’s design.

Ferrari LaFerrari – Rosso Corsa

Arguably the most iconic car colour ever, Ferrari’s Rosso Corsa (racing red) has graced most of its cars throughout its history. On its latest LaFerrari hypercar the colour looks as good as ever and instantly reminds onlookers that this is an extra-special motor.

Land Rover Range Rover Sport – Loire Blue

Not all the best colours shout, and Land Rover’s Loire Blue is the very definition of understated class. It resembles the colours used for royal Range Rovers so is perfect for making the owner feel every bit as special as its other illustrious patrons.

What next?

Put your ideal car in our car configurator to see how much carwow could help you save or use our handy PCP calculator to get a better idea how much it could cost. For more options, head over to our deals page or, if you’re still struggling to pick which car you’d like, check out our car chooser.

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