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Audi A3 Cabriolet colours guide and prices

November 05, 2015 by

The Audi A3 Cabriolet offers more room than its predecessor but retains a fast-folding roof and economical engines. If it sounds like the car for you, bear in mind your choice of colour affects the ease of resale and how often you’ll have to clean it.

The A3 Cabriolet is available in three solid, nine metallic and two pearl effect paints – all options apply to all models. Further customisation is possible thanks to black, brown and grey roof options. Alternatively, for a truly personalised paint colour, choose from dozens of Audi exclusive shades in the brand’s special range, from £2,025.

Use our Audi A3 car configurator to see how much carwow can help you save. If you’re struggling to tell the difference between special, metallic and solid colours, our car paint types guide is worth a read.

Solid colours

Brilliant Black – £0

This deep black is a smart choice for fleet vehicles and shouldn’t give you any resale headaches. Black doesn’t hide grime very well and take care with cheap car washes – some can leave ugly swirl marks.

Brilliant Red – £0

This rich pillar-box red is a vivid shade but is unlikely to scare off potential buyers. It won’t sell as quickly as a grey, black or silver version but, for those that want some colour in their life, this is a much better choice. It should last a while between car washes, too.

Ibis White – £0

This is a creamy alternative to more common, dazzling whites and should change hands briskly when the time comes to sell. As you’d expect with a shade this pale, you need to be braced for rather regular visits to the car wash in order to keep your A3 looking smart.

Metallic colours

Beluga Brown – £550

This colour is an intense espresso brown that should give your A3 Cabriolet a distinctive, stylish appearance. Brown isn’t a shade that tops many ‘favourite car colour’ polls, however, so bear this in mind when looking for a buyer. As a dark shade, it should do an excellent job of hiding the dirt and grime of British roads.

Dakota Grey – £550

This is a dark, distinctive grey, with strong bronze tones. Although unusual, you shouldn’t be waiting an outrageous length of time to find a buyer. This is another fairly dark shade, so it should conceal road grime with aplomb.

Floret Silver – £550

This is a super smart, brushed steel shade that’s currently very popular so you shouldn’t face any long delays when you come to sell it on. While dirt will certainly show up more slowly than on a white car, you’ll probably be cleaning it more often than a darker alternative.

Glacier White – £550

This is a silvery white that could help your A3 make a very classy first impression. White is currently one of the most favoured car colours, so reselling should be a doddle. It may not be your most convenient bet if your rack up the miles, though, since just about every speck of grime will make its presence felt.

Lotus Grey – £550

This is a smart, silvery grey that could be ideal if you prefer a sleek yet understated, looking car. Additionally, grey is one of the most sought-after shades, so you should find a buyer with ease. The only drawback is that you may find it gets grubby a little quicker than you’d like.

Monsoon Grey – £550

This dark, almost black shade is a smart and practical colour choice, especially if you’re looking for a business vehicle or you regularly cover many miles. Dirt will stay hidden for longer than on most other colours and, when you need to sell it on, buyers should be beating a path to your door.

Mythos Black – £550

This is a deep, classic black that makes another fine choice for executive fleets, hire cars or chauffeur driven models. Black is an extremely popular car colour, so there’ll be no significant resale hold-ups. As previously mentioned, however, watch out for the swirl marks cheaper car washes can leave in their wake.

Scuba Blue – £550

This is a glamorous midnight blue that, while striking, might not be to everyone’s taste so may take a little longer to sell. It should do a slightly better than average job of hiding dirt between washes, however.

Shiraz Red – £550

This deep red wine hue manages to be restrained yet distinctive and colourful without being garish. Red is relatively popular on the used market, so there shouldn’t a great delay in reselling. Additionally, the darkness of this shade should keep dirt hidden for a fairly long time.

Pearl colours

Daytona Grey – £550

The pearl effect paint option gives this shade a unique, glossy sheen. It’s a very dark grey, so it ought to need cleaning less frequently than other colours. A grey car will always sell quickly, too, making this a very sensible option.

Misano Red – £550

A pearl paint finish adds an extra dimension to this bold colour choice. Red tends to be marginally less sought-after than monochrome colours, but it’s still a relatively popular hue. It should do a fairly average job of concealing grubbiness between washes.

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