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Peugeot 108 UK colour guide

The new Peugeot 108 is a cool little car that brings some smart French design to the city car market. While some of its small-car competitors come in some pretty loud colours and others seem to be much to dull and conservative, the 108’s colour options are really pretty good.

The modern styling of the 108 shines through with any of the colours available, and the addition of a couple of two-tone options is welcome, even if Peugeot could have picked better colours from the range to match together.

Use this guide to see each colour side-by-side, and to help you compare the costs of each shade.

Solid colours

Only two solid paint options are available on the 108 and only one of them is a no-cost option. On the plus side, both look pretty good on the Peugeot’s bodywork and the French manufacturer seems to have chosen its limited range of colours quite well.

Laser Red (£0)

A car like the little Peugeot has to have a bright, post-box red in its armoury and Laser Red is the name here. If you like brilliant red cars you won’t be disappointed with this one, especially because it won’t cost you any extra.

Diamond White (£250)

Everybody seems to love white these days and Diamond White is one that’s well worth the £250 premium. It’s a bright, crisp white that really stands out and it’s one of the very best choices for the 108. Most cars can get away with white, but few wear it as well as the Peugeot does.

Metallic colours

It’s always going to be the case that certain people will see different things in a metallic paint, but we feel that some of the usual rules don’t seem to apply to the 108. Some colours that are normally to be avoided actually look really good on the Peugeot and at the same time, one or two normally safe colours really don’t live up to expectation.

Carbon Grey (£495)

Not only should Carbon Grey be a “go-to” colour, it even has one of the more attractive names for a colour that is traditionally difficult to make sound exciting. However, this is a very dark grey and hides some of the 108′s svelte curves and folds.

Zircon Grey (£495)

This is one of those colours you really need to see in the flesh before ordering. The Peugeot configurator image makes it look like an unfinished swathe of primer – in reality it’s more your normal light silver. Inoffensive, but not the strongest shade on the little French nipper.

Alkinite (£495)

Call this brown and nobody would give it a chance; call it Alkinite and nobody will have a clue! In fact this metallic bronze can look good in certain lights, but it’s definitely a love or hate colour. Not available on the Access trim.

Purple Berry (£495)

On a big car you really would avoid a colour like Purple Berry like the plague. But this dark, bold colour really does suit the whole feel and style of the funky little 108. Not available on the Access trim.

Raven Black (£495)

Black looks good on just about every car you can name and the Peugeot 108 is no different. Raven Black looks great, but you’ve always got to temper enthusiasm for such a shade with thoughts of how much it will take to keep it looking clean. But it’s also one of those colours that will never harm your resale price.

Tahoe Blue (£495)

On just about any other car we can think of, this kind of “doom blue” would best be avoided. It’s not that such colours are particularly awful, they just don’t do much for a car and it’s a colour that usually means an eventual long stay when it gets onto a used car pitch. On the 108 though, it’s a very different matter and it really does look very good here – it’ll look black on overcast days, and flash a hint of blue in bright light.

Special paint

It’s not too often that small, mass-market cars have really special colour schemes available because the costs involved can be prohibitive for buyers in this class. But it’s always nice to have a choice and Peugeot offers us two. Although we’ve already seen these colours, it’s the combination of two different shades on the same car that makes them special. Keep in mind though; these two-tone combinations are only available on three-door models.

Purple Berry and Zircon Grey (£495 + £355)

Yes, you read it right; £495 for metallic paint and another £355 to have it in two-tone. It perhaps would be easier to swallow if you could choose your combination from all the available metallics, but you can’t. Having said that, this is certainly the better of the two combinations Peugeot has on offer here.

Diamond White and Alkinite (£250 + £355)

The good thing about this combination is that because it includes Diamond White you will only pay £250 instead of £495 for the first colour. We think it looks a bit like Neapolitan ice cream, but don’t start licking your car in public – people will talk!

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