Volkswagen Golf Alltrack Review & Prices

The VW Golf Alltrack is a taller, four-wheel-drive version of the Golf Estate with more standard equipment and four-wheel drive but it costs more and isn’t quite as economical

Volkswagen Golf Alltrack alternatives
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Reviewed by Carwow after extensive testing of the vehicle.

What's good

  • Comfortable
  • Roomy cabin
  • Well-equipped as standard

What's not so good

  • Limited engine range
  • A Golf Estate is cheaper...
  • ... and more economical

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Is the Volkswagen Golf Alltrack a good car?

The VW Golf Alltrack is a jacked-up version of the Golf Estate which comes with some chunky protective bumpers, some punchy engines and four-wheel drive. It’s a worthy alternative to the likes of the Skoda Octavia Scout and is worth a second look if you fancy something that’s more than capable of traversing a muddy field but don’t fancy a high-riding SUV.

The first thing you’ll notice about the VW Golf Alltrack is its black and silver protective bumper trims. These aren’t just there to help it stand out from the comparatively humdrum Golf Estate, they’ll also help prevent branches and bushes scratching your car’s paintwork if you do venture off-road.

From the driver’s seat, however, the VW Golf Alltrack looks just like any other Golf. In short, this means everything’s laid out nice and simply, and all the controls are easy to use. You get a slick 8-inch touchscreen infotainment system with built-in satellite navigation and smartphone mirroring and you can pay extra to have the Golf Alltrack’s analogue gauges replaced with a customisable digital display.

In addition to some cool tech, you also get glossy black trims on the dashboard, stainless steel pedals and some more thickly bolstered seats with partial suede-like Alcantara upholstery. These also come with plenty of adjustment to help you get comfortable.

The back seats aren’t quite as nicely padded, but at least there’s enough space for a six-foot-tall passenger to sit behind an equally lofty driver. There’s just enough shoulder room for three adults to sit side-by-side too, and three kids will have plenty of room to stretch out.

You might consider the VW Golf Alltrack if you fancy a practical estate but you want something with a hint of off-road ability

The VW Golf Alltrack’s raised suspension means you don’t have to stoop down to strap in a child and it makes it easier to slide heavy items into the boot. Speaking of which, there’s space in the Golf Alltrack’s 605-litre boot for a few large suitcases and a baby buggy and you can easily load a bike with both its wheels attached if you fold the back seats down.

If you plan to regularly pack your VW Golf Alltrack’s boot with heavy luggage, you’ll want to pick one of its more powerful 2.0-litre diesel engines. These 150hp and 184hp units also make light work of long motorway journeys, but you’ll want to consider a petrol version if you spend more time driving in town. Handily, the Golf Alltrack’s 1.8-litre petrol engine comes with an automatic gearbox as standard to save you from making constant gear changes in heavy traffic.

You’ll probably never take your VW Golf Alltrack off-road, but should you venture off the beaten track you’ll find it’ll happily cruise across muddy fields without too much fuss. The raised suspension which helps it deal with rutted farm tracks also helps make it slightly more comfortable than the standard Golf Estate on the road.

Its raised body does lean a little more in tight corners than the standard estate’s, however, but there’s still no reason for passengers to feel carsick. You won’t hear a great deal of wind or tyre noise either – even at motorway speeds – which helps make the VW Golf Allltrack pretty relaxing to drive for long periods. You also get adaptive cruise control and automatic emergency braking as standard for a little extra peace of mind.

You get all this equipment as standard in a VW Golf Estate, though, which is cheaper to buy and – in most cases – more economical than the VW Golf Alltrack. That being said, if the thought of a high-riding four-wheel drive estate appeals, it’s still worth a second look.

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How much is the Volkswagen Golf Alltrack?

The Volkswagen Golf Alltrack has a RRP range of £27,520 to £40,185.

Volkswagen Golf Alltrack alternatives
There are currently no deals for this model on Carwow, but you can find and compare great deals on new and used alternatives to the Volkswagen Golf Alltrack.