Volkswagen T-Roc interior

The T-Roc hasn’t got the most exciting cabin around, but it’s simply styled and well-equipped.


The T-Roc isn’t and never will be a style icon. It’s all simply laid out and has clear lines across the dash. The majority of T-Rocs will come with dark grey and black trim for the cloth upholstery and dashboard.

The materials used high up are of good quality, but lower down and in the back, scratchier plastics are easy to find and retract from the overall feel of the cabin quite a bit. There’s some ambient lighting that’s fitted as standard, which adds a little more character.

What you will have to contend with is a reduced amount of buttons in the central console. Yes, it looks simpler and easier to navigate, but the air conditioning controls are now consolidated to a touch-sensitive slider that’s tricky to use on the move.


With Apple CarPlay and Android Auto fitted as standard, you’ll more likely than not use that rather than using the standard-fit infotainment system. That being said, it’s not a bad system — running smoothly and is easy enough to navigate on the go. 

As standard, you also get a digital driver’s display rather than conventional dials. Volkswagen models from 2021 have been getting these fitted, so the T-Roc follows that trend. There are multiple configurable displays too, so you’ll be able to find the setup and screen you’re happy with.