New Suzuki Swift concept revealed: two new EVs also coming soon

October 04, 2023 by

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Suzuki is unveiling four new cars at the Japan Mobility show in October, including a replacement for the Swift. Read on for all you need to know.

  • New Suzuki Swift concept revealed
  • Similar styling to current car
  • Retains petrol engines
  • Two new electric concepts also coming
  • eVX mini off-roader with 310 miles of range
  • Dinky eWX MPV has 143 miles of range

This is your first look at the new Suzuki Swift, as the concept is being revealed at Japan Mobility 2023.

But the brand isn’t only unveiling the Mazda 2 alternative, it’s also showing off two new electric concepts which you can expect to see on the roads from 2025.

New Suzuki Swift concept

This is the next-generation Suzuki Swift. It may look a lot like the current car, but there are a few subtle design changes which make it look more modern.

The headlights on this new car look slightly slimmer than before, although they’re roughly the same shape. The grille is also slightly slimmer, although it has a thick bezel around it which makes the car look like it’s had a bit of lip filler.

This new swift also has a similar boxy side profile to the current car, which should mean it retains its generous rear headroom. Overall it looks as though the new Swift will be more of an evolution of the current car, although that’s been the case for the last few generations of this dinky runaround.

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Fans of internal combustion will be pleased to hear that this new Swift will still have a petrol engine. Not much is known about the technical specs just yet, however it’s unlikely that Suzuki will be developing an all-new unit for this car with a ban on fuel-burners looming in the next decade or so.

This means you can expect to see a tweaked version of the 1.2-litre mild-hybrid petrol engine you get in the current car, and the 1.4-litre turbo unit from the spicy Swift Sport may make a comeback as well.

New Suzuki eVX

Now for something a bit more radical-looking. The new eVX concept is the first electric car to come from Suzuki, and it has a pretty rugged look to it.

The raised ride height and chunky black cladding give this car the illusion of being a big SUV, but it’s actually around the same size as an MG4. That upright front and the silver trim lower down give the car a mini off-roader image, as do the flared wheel arches.

The new eVX will feature all-wheel-drive, so it may have some actual off-road ability to go with the rugged styling. Suzuki also says that it’ll have up to 310 miles of range.

New Suzuki eWX

The concepts keep getting wackier with the new Suzuki eWX. This tiny MPV looks like it’s straight out of an anime movie, and it’s actually both shorter and narrower than a Hyundai i10.

Cars don’t get much boxier than this, and while this may not make it the most stylish car out there, it should help maximise interior space. It does have a funky look to it as well, with Suzuki claiming the eWX “expresses a buddy-like presence”, whatever that means.

It’ll have up to 143 miles of range, so it’s probably better suited to city life. That said, the upcoming Dacia Spring will only do 137 miles on a charge, and the (presumably) more expensive Mazda MX-30 can only manage 124 miles.

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