The best cars with big boots

If loading up the family car for a holiday seems remarkably like a game of Tetris or your home improvement projects need multiple trips to Ikea, you probably need a bigger boot. Whether you’re a DIY fanatic or simply need to take that fourteenth holiday outfit, we’ve rounded up the 20 greatest load-luggers currently on sale.

Our list is based on the boot capacity when all seats are in place. There are plenty of large MPVs and SUVs – including the Ford Galaxy and Audi Q7 – that have huge carrying capacities in five-seat mode but, with a full compliment of occupants, their boot volume shrinks greatly.

Find the latest offers on your ideal car through out new car deals page. If you want something that takes up a little less space but still has a huge load bay, check out our list of the best hatchbacks with big boots. If you’ve picked your perfect new car, use our PCP calculator to get a better idea how much it could cost.

1. Mercedes V-Class – 1,030 litres

The simply gigantic Mercedes V-Class tops our list – it is, after all, based on the brand’s Vito van. Equipped to feel more like a posh MPV, the V-Class – when specified in long wheelbase, six-seat format – boasts an incredible 1,030 litres of load space.

To put that figure into perspective, it’s more than three times as much as you’ll find in a supermini such as the Skoda Fabia. The boot opening itself is wide, square and low, making loading even heavy items a doddle. Remove more seats and you have what is – in all but name – a van, making it immensely practical.

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2. Ford Tourneo Connect – 1,029 litres

Space hunters on a more modest budget than the Mercedes will be well served by the Ford Tourneo Connect. It costs less than a third of the V-Class LWB’s £48,520 figure, yet overall capacity is just a single litre smaller. Remove the rear seat bench and that figure expands to a colossal 2,410 litres.

Sure, it’ll only seat five to the Mercedes’ six, and its van-based origins are much more obvious inside but, as a practical MPV and load lugger, it’s an absolute bargain.

Check out the Ford Tourneo Connect deals page to find the latest savings.

3. Land Rover Range Rover – 909 litres

The Range Rover isn’t just one of the most luxurious SUVs money can buy – thanks to its 909-litre boot capacity, it’s one of the most practical, too. There are loads of well-considered touches – the split tailgate design means not only does the bootlid not need as much space as a traditional single opening, but also provides a bench seat from which to enjoy the great outdoors.

A simple fold down door sound a little too meagre? For an extra £5,900, one can specify ‘Event Seating’ if they so desire: a pair of leather chairs that fold out of the rear quarters. Very smart, if perhaps a tad unnecessary…

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4. SsangYong Turismo – 875 litres

The Ssangyong Turismo is, by some margin, the cheapest full-size seven-seat MPV on sale today. It’s priced at less than £19,000, even before you consider the offers available through on our Ssangyong Turismo deals page making it outstanding value for money.

The big, boxy shape might look a little ungainly, but it makes the Turismo hugely practical. Not only does it cater for seven adults with ease, but combines its roomy cabin with a boot capacity that can cope with all the occupants’ stuff at the same time.

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5. Hyundai i800 – 842 litres

Another contender with van-based origins, the Hyundai i800‘s airy cabin is simply enormous. The i800 can carry up to 842-litres of clobber even with all eight seats in place – plenty of room for suitcases, wardrobes and even the occasional pony… probably.

It’s priced at a competitive £24,845, and a comfortable ride makes it a relaxing place for passengers to while away the miles. Like others on this list, it still feels a little agricultural to drive but, considering the plentiful space and comparatively low purchase price, it more than makes up for it.

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6. Fiat Doblo – 790 litres

The Fiat Doblo is another van with windows converted to run as a cheap and hugely practical family MPV. The 790-litre boot is vastly outstrips those offered by similarly-priced family hatchbacks, and the cabin provides space for five six-footers with headroom to spare.

The split boot door opens outwards rather than upwards – handy in a tight garage – and the boot loading lip is just 545mm off the ground making loading heavy objects easier. If you’re happy to sacrifice some boot space, an extra pair of seats is available as part of a £925 optional pack.

Head over to the Fiat Doblo deals page to see the latest discounts available.

7. Skoda Kodiaq – 720 litres

The Skoda Kodiaq promises an enticing blend of off-road ability, seven-seat practicality and a range of efficient engines, all wrapped up in an attractive package. It might be based on the same platform as the new VW Tiguan but, in terms of carrying capacity, the Kodiaq easily sees off its German cousin – it boasts a massive 720-litre boot compared to the Tiguan’s relatively modest 615-litre load bay.

If you’re willing to give up two seats the Kodiaq can swallow a colossal 2,065 litres of luggage – you can even fold the front passenger seat away to carry items nearly three meters long, ideal for spur of the moment surfing trips.

8. Mercedes GLE – 690 litres

While several full-size SUVs use their extra size to accommodate seven occupants, the Mercedes GLE instead offers more boot space unlike its Audi Q7 and BMW X5 rivals. Instead, it focusses on creating as much space as possible for the five passengers.

The upside of doing away with two extra seats is that, in terms of total boot volume, only the Range Rover exceeds its vast size in the SUV class. The rear seat bench has a 60/40 split and folds completely flush with the boot floor. Other useful features including a net for smaller items and a 12V socket confirm it’s a very well thought-out space.

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9. Citroen Berlingo Multispace – 675 litres

With prices kicking off from £12,605, the Citroen Berlingo Multispace is the cheapest car in our top 20. For the money, you’ll be getting a no-frills yet charming MPV – it might lack the power or refinement of some more traditional rivals but, in terms of practicality, it beats almost any of them.

The cavernous, square-shaped boot is clad in hard-wearing plastic, and the car is so cheap in the first place you won’t feel too concerned if you scuff it a little. If you’ve plenty of stuff to move, no problem – remove the rear seats and the total volume grows to 3,000 litres. Access to the rear cargo bay is boosted by a couple of large sliding rear passenger doors too.

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10. Peugeot Partner Tepee – 675 litres

The fact the Peugeot Partner Tepee boasts an identical boot volume to the Citroen Berlingo is for a good reason – peel away the badges and the two are essentially identical under the skin.

They share the same lineup of petrol and diesel engines, feel the same to drive and are just as practical as one another. The difference? The Citroen is at least several hundred pounds cheaper across the range son only pick the Peugeot if you prefer the style it offers.

Try out the Peugeot Partner Tepee deals page to see how much money you could save on a new car.

11. Mercedes E-Class Estate – 670 litres

The latest Mercedes E-Class isn’t just the most efficient, comfortable and advanced version the German brand has ever produced, but the most practical too. If converted vans, SUVs and MPVs don’t take you fancy, then the E-Class deserves a look – its 670-litre load bay is more generous than any other conventional car.

Even with a full compliment of passengers, little tweaks can eke out every last cubic centimetre of boot space. The rear bench backrest can be adjusted to sit in a more upright position, freeing up an extra 30 litres of boot space while still allowing room for five. Fold the bench away completely, and the E-Class can hold up to 1,820 litres.

12. Porsche Cayenne – 670 litres

It might come as a surprise to discover a supercar manufacturer in the top 20 for boot space, but the Porsche Cayenne offers a load bay as immense as its performance. Its 670-litre volume means only the Range Rover and Mercedes GLE offer more space in the five-seat SUV segment – a figure that can grow even larger thanks to the 40/20/40 split folding rear seat bench.

That rear bench has more tricks up its sleeve to achieve that volume, too. Mounted on rails, it can slide back and forth up to 160mm to offer the best possible compromise of luggage and passenger space, while the backrest can tilt up to six degrees forward to eke out every last cubic centimetre of room.

Find out more about the Porsche Cayenne at our deals page.

13. Skoda Superb Estate – 660 litres

The Skoda Superb Estate is one of our favourite family cars of the moment. Well built, cheap to run and easy on the eye, there’s very little to find fault with. Best of all, however, is its immense practicality. The boot measures a whopping 660 litres even with all five seats in place. Thanks to an adjustable false floor, you can flatten the loading lip, making loading heavy items much easier.

That space doesn’t come at the expense of passenger accommodation, either. The Superb offers simply copious amounts of legroom for rear seat passengers, and headroom also draws a big thumbs-up from the even the loftiest of occupants.

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14. Peugeot 308 SW – 660 litres

The handsome Peugeot 308 SW matches the Skoda Superb for boot space but, originating from the smaller compact family car class, it takes up less room on the road than the Skoda, so some might find it a little easier to drive.

The space itself is well designed, too. Four fastenings at each corner of the floor allow items to be tethered down securely, and there’s space beneath the false floor to hold the parcel shelf when it isn’t needed. Drop the rear seats, and the total loading capacity grows to 1,775 litres.

Take a look at the Peugeot 308 SW deals page to spec up your perfect car and see how much you could save.

15. BMW X5 – 650 litres

The BMW X5 is available with either five or seven seats, but it’s the former that offers the greater carrying capability. Like the Range Rover, the X5 features a split tailgate, making it easier to open in confined spaces. The rear bench folds away to reveal an 1,870-litre bay and, thanks to a 40/20/40 split, there’s plenty of scope for carrying both people and things at the same time.

It’s not the sportiest BMW on sale but still has the brand’s familiar sense of stability as you drive. It also gets a great range of powerful and efficient engines including a plug-in hybrid option for those looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

Check out the BMW X5 deals page to learn more about this premium German SUV.

16. VW Passat Estate – 650 litres

The Volkswagen Passat Estate makes a huge amount of sense to the typical family car buyer. Refined, well-built and powered by a strong range of diesel engines, a huge boot can be considered among its long list of talents.

The 650-litre load bay is wide and square, and there’s only a small loading lip to overcome if you’re lifting a heavy object into the back. The rear seat backrest folds in three separate sections, and securing tethers and a 12-volt socket are welcome features.

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17. Honda Civic Tourer – 642 litres

The Honda Civic Tourer’s 642-litre boot might come as a surprise – it looks a little too low and angular but its practicality belies its exterior shape. Only the Peugeot 308 SW offers a larger carrying capacity in its class at the expense of some passenger space. Thanks to clever packaging, there’s also loads of space beneath the boot floor, allowing for storage of objects you want hidden from sight.

Expanding the total volume to 1,668 litres is easy thanks to the simple switch operation of the firm’s “Magic Seats”. They also boast the ability to fold the seat bases upwards, allowing space in the rear quarters for taller items such as potted plants.

Head over to the Honda Civic Tourer deals page to discover all of the latest offers.

18. Volkswagen Tiguan – 615 litres

The second generation Volkswagen Tiguan marks a huge leap forward over its predecessor in terms of style, build quality and efficiency. The boot has grown too – at 615 litres, it’s the biggest in the compact SUV class.

That figure is achieved when the rear bench is in the forwardmost position – it can slide back and forth up to 170mm to allow the best balance between passenger and boot space. Fold the rear seats down, and a volume of 1,655 litres presents itself.

See the reductions available by finding your ideal Volkswagen Tiguan through our deals page.

19. Skoda Octavia Estate – 610 litres

Much like its Superb big brother, the Skoda Octavia Estate is a practical and reasonably priced family car. The 610-litre boot volume should cope with the worst that you can throw at it.

If you don’t fancy an estate, the regular Octavia hatchback only just lags behind the Estate, with total volume measuring 590 litres. The chunky Octavia Scout, complete with a raised ride height and four-wheel drive, musters up a similarly roomy 580 litres.

Head over to the Skoda Octavia Estate deals page to see the latest discounts available.

20. Ford Edge – 602 litres

The bold-looking Ford Edge takes on mid-size SUVs including the Volvo XC60 and the Kia Sorento. In terms of practicality, it’s off to a great start – the 602-litre boot is a significant 107 litres more spacious than the Volvo.

A smattering of luggage hooks can secure more valuable items while on the move and larger items are easy to load thanks to a low and square-shaped boot opening. Ford’s hands-free tailgate makes loading a doddle when your hands are full too – if you have the key fob on you, a wave of your foot beneath the rear bumper will open the door automatically.

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