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The best cars with big boots

They might say size isn’t everything but, when you’re looking at the cars with the largest boots, bigger is always better. We’ve tracked down the cars with the most spacious load bays – all figures cover models with all their seats up so many will be even larger if you fold some seats down. Here are the cars with the biggest boots on sale:

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Mercedes V-Class – 1,410 litres

The Mercedes V-Class might look like a van but don’t let its commercial exterior fool you – inside, there’s loads of space and plenty of plush materials on high-spec models. What’s more, Extra Long versions have up to 1,410 litres of boot space with all seats in place, meaning you’ll never be wanting for luggage room.

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Ford Tourneo Connect – 1,029 litres

Like the Mercedes above, the Ford Tourneo Connect is a commercial vehicle repurposed as a family car that majors on practicality. It might not be as luxurious as some other models in the Ford range but it offers a vast 1,029 litres of boot space with all five seats still in place – easily enough for a family camping trip.

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Range Rover – 909 litres

If you want a huge load bay but don’t want to sacrifice a premium cabin, the Range Rover will suit your needs perfectly. While Range Rover measures the boot to the roof, rather than to the parcel shelf like other car makers do, its 909-litre bay is still vast whichever way you look at it. When you’re not filling the back, the cabin is among the most spacious and upmarket you can buy.

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SsangYong Turismo – 875 litres

The SsangYong Turismo might not be as obvious a choice as other models on this list, its enormous boot might sway your opinion. Its vast body might have slightly forgettable styling but there are seven seats and a practical 875-litre boot even with all seats still up. Mercedes-derived diesel engines and the option of four-wheel drive and an automatic gearbox make it fairly relaxing to drive.

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Hyundai i800 – 842 litres

Another van-turned-passenger-vehicle, the Hyundai i800 might not look very exciting but its enormous cabin makes it incredibly useful. There are eight seats large enough for adults to sit in relative comfort, while the 842-litre boot is easily large enough for a family’s holiday luggage or plenty of camping gear.

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Fiat Doblo – 790 litres

It might have an odd name and odd looks, but you can’t argue with the impressive practicality the Fiat Doblo offers for the price. The Doblo’s cabin might have some cheap plastics dotted about but there’s so much space you’re unlikely to get any complaints from passengers. With all seats up, there’s a massive 790-litre load bay.

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Jeep Cherokee – 714 litres

You might be surprised to find it’s the mid-size Jeep Cherokee and and not the full-size Grand Cherokee that makes this list. While the latter is very spacious, the regular Cherokee includes a system that lets you slide the rear bench seat forwards to reduce rear legroom and free up a huge 714 litres of boot space – plenty for most family buyers.

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Mercedes G-Class – 699 litres

The Mercedes G-Class design hasn’t changed since its launch in the ’70s but its boxy dimensions still make for a vast load area. The boot is 699 litres in size – easily large enough for a family’s holiday luggage – and is a useful square shape. The old-fashioned platform means interior space is a little tight but gives it incredible off-road potential.

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Mercedes GLE – 690 litres

If you like the G-Class but need something a little more modern, the Mercedes GLE has a vast 690-litre boot that’s more than big enough for holiday luggage or camping gear. Passengers are treated to lots of head and legroom in the plush cabin that comes complete with Mercedes’ Comand infotianment system.

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Citroen Berlingo Multispace – 675 litres

Like the Doblo above, the Citroen Berlingo Multispace adds more seats and a handful of luxuries to a commercial vehicle to make an affordable, spacious family car. With its five seats still in place, the Berlingo Multispace offers 675 litres of boot space and a usefully square-shaped load area so it’ll take trips to Ikea in its stride.

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Peugeot Partner Tepee – 675 litres

The Peugeot Partner Tepee shares many parts with the Berlingo Multispace so has all the same benefits – a spacious cabin with five seats large enough for adults and even sliding rear doors, making it easy to fit child seats. The same 675-litre boot features at the back, again with a useful square shape making this a really handy family car.

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Mercedes E-Class Estate – 670 litres

This list has so far featured vast SUVs and van-based family cars – so the fact the Mercedes E-Class Estate makes it is a testament to how impressively spacious this conventional estate car is. There’s a 670-litre load bay behind the luxurious, spacious cabin and it’s actually wide enough to load a standard euro-sized pallet.

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Porsche Cayenne – 670 litres

While the brand is more commonly associated with racy sports cars, the Porsche Cayenne hasn’t forgotten it also needs to be a practical SUV. Behind the luxurious five-seat cabin, there’s a 670-litre boot – more than enough for a family holiday or trip to Ikea. You’ll still probably be more impressed with the drive home than its boot space, however.

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Skoda Superb Estate – 660 litres

Rarely has a car lived up to its name as well as the Skoda Superb Estate. There’s a huge amount of passenger space, especially in the back where there’s more rear legroom than some luxury cars costing many times as much. The Superb’s boot is equally impressive with a 660-litre capacity and clever features such as hooks and nets to hold your luggage down.

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Peugeot 308 SW – 660 litres

Its looks might make you think the Peugeot 308 SW is more about style than substance, but its well-thought-out cabin manages to be both handsome and spacious at the same time. Space in the rear passenger seats is a little tight but that’s made up for by the huge 660-litre boot that’s a usefully square shape.

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Jaguar F-Pace – 650 litres

The Jaguar F-Pace puts a great deal of work into looking good with thin, piercing headlights, a brutish wide grille and neatly proportioned sides, but it’s also a practical choice. The F-Pace has a 650-litre boot with all five seats up and the fact the bottom of the boot is closer to your hips means you won’t need to stoop to load heavy items in.

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VW Passat Estate – 650 litres

Similar to the E-Class, the VW Passat Estate is part luxurious executive car and part practical family estate. The Passat’s 650-litre boot is nice and square so fits flatpack furniture in with ease, while passengers in the back will be pleased to spend time back there thanks to plentiful head and legroom.

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Range Rover Velar – 632 litres

The Range Rover Velar is the most recent addition to the Range Rover family and bridges the gap between the compact Evoque and large Range Rover Sport. Like the rest of the brand’s models, there’s a luxurious cabin, powerful engines and great off-road abilities, along with a spacious 632-litre boot.

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Honda Civic Tourer – 624 litres

Although a new Civic has appeared, you can still get great deals on the outgoing Honda Civic Tourer. It features all the same benefits as the hatchback including a well-built cabin, great driving position and light accurate controls. There’s a simply enormous boot, too, with up to 624 litres available in its elongated body.

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VW Tiguan – 615 litres

Rounding off this list is the VW Tiguan family SUV. Inside, it’s well built and spacious with plenty of on-board tech including VW’s latest infotainment system, and strikes a good balance between feeling hard wearing while also looking upmarket. The Tiguan’s 615-litre boot is one of the largest in its class and is a usefully square shape.

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