The best cars with high driving positions

p>Let’s face it – roads in the United Kingdom are getting busier and busier, and cities are becoming more and more congested, making driving ever-more stressful.

An easy way to mitigate this hassle is by buying a car that sits you high up, able to peer over the other cars more easily. Cars with high driving positions also tend to give you a greater sense of security compared to low-sitting hatchbacks and sports cars.

With this in mind, we’ve done our research and found the best cars on sale today with high driving positions. Read on for the results.

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Skoda Yeti

The Skoda Yeti is a phenomenal car. This rugged all-rounder consistently receives rave reviews from road tester for its practicality, handsome looks and surprising capability for fun when the road gets twisty. If you think the Yeti sounds appealing on these merits alone, you’ll be pleased to hear that it also offers a great driving position and visibility. Head on over to our Yeti review to find out more about this brilliant little motor.

Range Rover

The Range Rover is undoubtedly the daddy of all 4x4s, and has been for some years now. This is a machine that couples sublime luxury with what are arguably some of the best off-roading capabilities available on a road-legal car. Think of the big Rangie as a mountain goat that has been equipped with all of the comforts of a Rolls-Royce.

Now we all know that the Range Rover is a big, tall car – and as is often the case with big, tall cars, the Range Rover also serves up a healthy dose of visibility thanks to its raised driving position.

Range Rover Sport

If you’re not really a fan of the full-sized Rangie, you might find its little brother a slightly more attractive option. As far as looks go, the Range Rover Sport is certainly the sleeker of the two, and combines on-road luxury and off-road performance in the same way the big Range Rover does.

An added bonus of the Sport is the fact that it has seven seats – so its a bit more family friendly than the more expensive Range Rover. For those seeking a combination of supercar performance and great visibility, there is also the bonkers Range Rover Sport SVR to consider…

Volvo XC90

The handsome Swede has been an incredibly popular car since it was first released back in 2002. This latest version of the Volvo XC90, released in 2015, has only become more attractive, and consistently impresses reviewers with its luxurious interior, seven seat practicality and comfortable ride – small wonder it has managed to achieve a wowscore of 9.0!

Cars of this sort tend to appeal mainly to families thanks to the number of seats and big boot space. As a result, safety will be an incredibly important consideration for a lot of potential customers. Thankfully, safety is one thing that Volvo absolutely nails, and the XC90 is kitted out with a bevy of the latest safety technology that will surely go a long way when it comes to keeping the little darlings safe.

Dacia Duster

After its high driving position (of course) the most attractive aspect of the Dacia Duster is its incredibly low price. Starting at £11,995, this Spartan little 4×4 is the cheapest SUV on the market, and undercuts its immediate rivals by a fair whack. That being said, the Duster is certainly no Range Rover, instead focusing on practical function rather than form.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that its low price means that it is rubbish to drive either. While there can be a spot of body roll at times, and an at times uncomfortable ride on some rough surfaces, the Dacia generally handles itself rather well. A nice little surprise with the Duster is that it is also rather competent when it comes to off-roading, which is certainly not something that can be said about all SUVs.

CItroen C4 Cactus

The Citroen C4 Cactus is certainly one of the more interesting looking cars on this list. This quirky looking crossover could be considered to look rather polarizing, but we here at carwow love it for its low kerb weight, stylish and comfortable interior and of course, the way it looks. In fact, we love the Cactus so much that we awarded it our Best Design award in 2014.

When it comes to driving, the majority of critics agree that the Cactus handles well and has soft, comfortable ride. There were a few gripes when it comes to body roll in the corners, but generally this is a car that offers competency on the road – even if it may not be the most exciting car to drive in the world. But, with prices starting at £12,990, it would be hard to go wrong with a car like the C4 Cactus – you will certainly turn some heads as you go about your day-to-day business. It doesn’t have the highest driving position here, but still seats you above normal hatchback drivers.

Mini Countryman

When it was first introduced back in 2010, the Mini Countryman was met with mixed opinion. The concept of a Mini SUV didn’t seem to go down too well with some, but the Countryman has since proved itself to be a competent family wagon. A peppy range of petrol and diesel engines are available with the Countryman, with the latter providing mountains of torque and good fuel economy. The petrol-powered One models also offer good levels of fuel efficiency, but are thought to be rather underpowered on a car this size, and are best avoided.

It costs from £17,105, so the Countryman is pretty pricey when compared to its immediate rivals. That being said, you can expect to get a fair deal of your money back when the time to sell comes around.

Honda Jazz

The Honda Jazz is one of the smaller options present on this list, but don’t let its small size fool you into thinking that it doesn’t offer a high driving position. Now in its third generation, the recently refreshed Jazz now offers improved refinement, greater efficiency and an all-round better driving experience than the model it replaces.

As a rather poignant selling point, the Jazz now offers the most amount of cabin space than any other car in the supermini class. Four adults can easily sit in comfort on longer journey thanks to its superior headspace and legroom.

Mazda CX-5

Thanks to Mazda’s sports-car heritage, the CX-5 is one of the most fun-to-drive SUVs currently on sale. The good-looking lines of the exterior are complimented by an accommodating and stylish interior that offers decent levels of comfort and space for passengers.

A rather limited range of engines is available on the CX-5 – a 163hp 2.0-litre petrol as well as a 2.2-litre diesel offering either 148hp or 173hp, all of which offer decent levels of performance and fuel economy. A Euro NCAP rating of five stars was awarded to the CX-5 in 2014, so families looking to add the popular Mazda to their garage can rest assured that a wall of technology is on hand to protect occupants in the event of an accident.

Rolls-Royce Phantom

When it comes to luxury, it is nigh on impossible to top the Rolls-Royce Phantom.

The Phantom is a ridiculously huge car. It has to be to accommodate the plethora of luxurious fittings that Rolls-Royce has become famous for. That being said though, its size does mean that it also offers a high driving position, although we aren’t so sure if this is the sort of car that you buy to drive yourself…

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Land Rover Range Rover Sport

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£59,700 - £88,780
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Skoda Yeti

Practical SUV that is built to last
£17,210 - £25,495
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Dacia Duster

A capable 4x4 that's great value for money
£9,495 - £16,795
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