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Skoda Superb Estate Performance

RRP from
average carwow saving
39.8 - 65.7
0-60 mph in
5.6 - 11.1 secs
First year road tax
£165 - £515

You might be surprised to know that the Superb is based on the same structure as a Volkswagen Golf and its advanced design means it is lighter than you’d think given how big it is.

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Performance and Economy

The bestseller in the UK is the 150hp 2.0-litre diesel, which gets the car from 0-62mph in a very decent 9.1 seconds. It provides plenty of power to shift the car when it’s fully loaded and for swift overtaking manoeuvres. It can also return fuel economy of well over 60mpg and has CO2 emissions of less than 120g/km, but the same engine is quieter in the new Audi A4.

If you want more performance, there’s a 190hp version of the same engine, which returns fuel economy of up to 61.4mpg. However, if you go for the version with four-wheel-drive, it makes the car heavier, and despite its 0-62mph time of 8.1 seconds, it doesn’t feel much faster than the 148hp model.

The diesel engines are a perfect fit for the sensible Superb

Mat Watson
carwow expert

If you don’t cover that many miles each year or don’t often carry heavy loads, a petrol engine may make more sense, and among the options is a 1.4-litre model with 150hp. It can return fuel economy of 53.3mpg and produces CO2 emissions of 122g/km.

At the top of the range is a 2.0-litre petrol engine with 280hp. It’s the same engine that’s used in the high-performance Volkswagen Golf R and it’s able to blast the big Superb from 0-62mph in 5.8 seconds. Trouble is, it comes with running costs to match: fuel economy of 39.2mpg and 164g/km CO2 emissions.

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You and your passengers will appreciate the soft suspension in the Superb, as it means everyone feels cushioned from bumps in the road. It does allow the car’s body to move around a bit, especially along an undulating road, but that movement never feels uncontrolled, even if you’re going fast down a twisting country road.

In fact, the Superb is very sure-footed, has plenty of grip and gives you a lot of confidence, thanks particularly to the reassuring feeling you get through the large steering wheel. If you want, you can add a bit more weight to the steering by switching to Sport mode in the Drive Select system, and enthusiastic drivers should consider the optional adaptive dampers, which give you a choice between ‘sport’ and ‘comfort’ settings. The former means the car leans less in corners and feels a little more responsive to drive, while the latter allows the car to cushion the bumps even more effectively.

If you spend a lot of time on the motorway, the Superb will suit you down to the ground. It’s very quiet and comfortable, and you can specify adaptive cruise control and lane assist systems, which mean that the driver doesn’t have to do much more than guide the steering wheel at a cruise, making the Superb easy and relaxing over long distances.

Some models come with a DSG twin-clutch gearbox and, although it can occasionally be slow to change down in automatic mode, the problem can be avoided by using the paddles on the steering wheel to change gear manually. Finally, if you regularly drive on wet or slippery roads, or use your car for towing, you should consider one of the models with four-wheel drive.

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