Skoda Superb Estate interior

The Skoda Superb Estate is well built inside and features enough soft plastics and interesting trims to feel special too. A VW Passat does feel slightly plusher still, though. 


If you were rank Volkswagen and Skoda for desirability, most would put VW first. However, the Superb Estate’s cabin is extremely close to a Passat’s when it comes to look and feel. Close enough, in fact, that most people wouldn’t really notice the difference.

Being picky, the lower half of the Superb’s cabin does have more scratchy plastics, but everything inside is impressively well screwed together and there are enough gloss black and chrome accents to lift the ambience inside.

S and SE cars get cloth seats as standard, but SEL and L&K cars come with leather seats, while Sportline Plus models get a sports quilted Alcantara set as well as a sports steering wheel with further lifts things.

It might not have a premium badge on the bonnet, but you wouldn’t necessarily know that sat inside - it’s all very nice to look at and interact with.

Mat Watson
carwow expert


Unlike lesser Skodas which kick off with a small 6.5-inch screen, the Skoda Superb Estate gets at least an 8-inch version with DAB radio, Bluetooth and built-in sat-nav. It looks great with its glass front when switched off, but is also displays pin-sharp graphics once on and is nicely responsive to prods, pinch and zoom.

It also comes with handy menu shortcut buttons down its sides for flicking between menus, and sticking in a postcode on the built-in sat-nav and adding waypoints is a quick and simple process to follow. You can also do this via voice if you’d rather, although it’s quicker to do it the old fashioned way most of the time.

All Superb Estates also come with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, but either upgrading as an option or buying at least Sportline trim gets you Skoda’s bigger 9.2-inch screen infotainment system which gets wireless Apple CarPlay rather than having to plug in your iPhone via a cable. Otherwise, the system is similarly bright, responsive and easy to use at the 8-inch.

Skoda’s Virtual Cockpit digital dials are an option on all trims but L&K and are a worthwhile addition. They’re bright, easy to understand and easily customisable while lifting the overall look and feel of the cabin at the same time. If you love your music, there’s the option to upgrade the Superb’s standard stereo to a 610w 12-speaker Canton system.

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