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Fiat 500 and Abarth 595 colours guide and prices

The Fiat 500 and sporty Abarth 595 both have retro charm in a compact, desirable package putting them among the most popular and longest running city cars on sale. They focus on style and customisability so it’s not surprising to find there’s a wide range of colours available across the entire range.

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Here are the paint colours offered on the Fiat 500 and Abarth 595:

Solid paint finishes

Bossa Nova White – £0

This is the only no-cost paint finish available for the 500. Its a simple choice but echoes the classic design of the ’50s original. It’ll show up dirt quickly but will be popular on the used car market.

Pastel paint finishes

Pasodoble Red – £350

This is a more subtle and deeper red compared to other colours options for the 500. It’ll hide dirt a bit better than other pastel shades and will be moderately popular with second-hand buyers.

Smooth Mint – £350

Few cars come with pastel paint finishes, let alone distinctive shades such as Smooth Mint. It gives the 500 a more innocent and eye-catching look, suiting the car’s charm and retro design. It’ll be tricky to keep clean and won’t draw used buyers as easily as more subtle colours. This shade isn’t available on S models.

Glam Coral – £350

Glam Coral is a light shade of red that’s more eye-catching than Pasodoble. It’ll be moderately popular with used car buyers and might need more regular scrubbing than a darker colour. It’s not available on S-trimmed cars.

Countrypolitan Yellow – £350

Countrypolitan Yellow will certainly help your car stand out from the rest. It won’t be too popular on the second-hand market and will show dirt easily though. It’s not available for the S trim.

Tech House Grey – £350

Tech House Grey doesn’t quite have the same pop and drama of the other pastel shades, but is much more subtle and understated. It’ll hide dirt well, requiring fewer trips to the car wash and will be more popular than more outlandish colours on the used car market.

Volare Blue – £350

Volare Blue is another vibrant colour in the 500 range, matching the car’s retro design and charm. Dirt will show up easily but blue cars rarely struggle on the second hand market. It’s not available on S-trimmed cars.

Metallic paint finishes

Groove Metal Grey – £500

This dark grey gives the 500 an elegant and more sophisticated look than some more youthful options. It’ll cover up dirt well and will do well on the second-hand market.

Epic Blue – £500

This distinctive blue is not available for the S trim, but is an option for the rest of the range. It’ll hide dirt well and won’t be tough to sell to used buyers.

Electroclash Grey – £500

This slightly lighter shade of grey will show up dirt quicker, but the more subtle colour will probably be a hit on the used car market. This is a great choice for understated buyers.

Avantgarde Bordeaux – £500

Rich and lively Avantgarde Bordeaux colour is one of the more unusual on the 500 range. Dirt will be hidden nicely but its popularity on the second-hand market remains to be seen. It’s not available on the 500C convertible.

Crossover Black – £500

A simple black gives the 500 a smart, sophisticated look although some critics will argue it clashes with the car’s youthful appearance. Dirt shows up quickly on black cars but it’ll be a hit with second-hand buyers.

Electronica Blue – £500

This vibrant colour is only available in the sportier S trim and highlights the small but edgy touches on this version. It’ll require regular cleaning but will be easy to sell to the used car market.

Special paint finishes

Urban White (tricoat) – £750

It may be a standard white colour, but this special finish helps it stand out in bright sunlight. It’s quite expensive and will require more trips to the car wash, but it certainly suits this small city car.

Marching Green (matt) – £750

This special matt finish paint is only an option on the S trim. It’s an unusual and distinctive colour meaning getting it sold on the second-hand market might take longer than a more common colour, however, and the matt finish might require some extra care when cleaning.

Sera Blue (mica) – £0

Sera Blue is only available on the Riva trim and echoes the luxury yacht brand’s fine watercraft. It also comes with luxurious wood veneer panelling inside but be aware you’re unlikely to make back the extra money you spent on Riva trim when you come to sell it on.

Bi-colour paint finishes

Black & Red/Black & Yellow (two-tone) – £0

Buyers also have the option to have the bottom of the car painted black and the top in red or yellow. It requires the optional electrically adjustable, heated door mirrors to be offered as an option. Used buyers might not be immediately taken with this bold look. It’s not available for the 500C or the S trim.

Abarth 595 paint finishes

Circuit Grey – £0

This is the only no-cost paint finish for the 595 Abarth models. It’s an understated colour but suits the Abarth’s aggressive design. Used buyers won’t be put off by this shade and it won’t need too frequent cleaning to keep it looking good.

Abarth Red – £350

Bright red certainly suits the 595 Abarth’s sporty character. Used buyers might not be immediately sold on this brighter colour, however, and lots of washing will be needed to keep it shining.

Campovolo Grey – £350

A lighter shade of grey, this colour echoes Abarth racers of yesteryear. It’ll require regular car washes but should be easy to sell to the used market.

Gara White – £350

White is something of a tradition for Abarth-branded sports cars so looks totally appropriate here. Like every white, it’ll need lots of cleaning to keep it looking good but used buyers will be happy to take it off your hands.

Modena Yellow – £350

Modena Yellow makes the 595 Abarth really pop and is one of the more distinctive and eye-catching shades available for the hot hatch.

Podium Blue – £500

Podium Blue is a rich and distinctive blue shade, which makes the 595 Abarth stand out from the crowd even more. It’ll be easier to sell on the second hand market compared to some of the colours available.

Record Grey – £500

This colour sits in the middle of the grey spectrum for the 595 Abarth. It helps to show off the car’s aggressive, sporty additions over the standard 500.

Scorpione Black – £500

Black may be a fairly simple colour but this shade lends the 595 Abarth a little menace. It’ll be popular with used car buyers but be ready for plenty of cleaning to keep it from looking grubby.

Trofeo Grey – £500

This unusual colour mixes dark grey with a hint of military green. It’s a distinctive, memorable and unusual shade so will be a little harder to sell to the used market than a more common colour. It will, at least, be easy to keep clean.

Ghiaccio White – £500

Ghiaccio White, again, suits this sportier 595 and harks back to race cars of old. It’ll require more trips to the car wash than a darker colour, however, but used buyers are unlikely to be put off by this hue.

Two-tone – £880

Turismo and Competizione trims come with the option of two-tone paint. It’s offered in Circuit Grey with Campovolo Grey or Abarth Red, and Scorpione Black with Gara White, Podium Blue or Record Grey. Used buyers are unlikely to be put off buy don’t expect to make back the paint’s extra cost come resale time.

Matt Performance Grey – £0

The top-of-the-range 695 Abarth Biposto only comes in one shade – Matt Performance Grey. It has a unique look making it pretty rare on the road. Used buyers at this level will know what they’re buying into but be wary to clean this matt shade carefully to not damage it.

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