List of SUVs with the biggest boots

Many modern SUVs make ideal family cars – not only do they offer a confidence-inspiring high driving position but many are hugely spacious and practical. Advanced engine technologies can mean some consume only marginally more fuel than a conventional car, too.

Whether you’re looking for a five or a seven-seat SUV, a big boot is a must-have feature if you plan to take lots of luggage on your family holiday. To help you decide which new car is best suited to your needs, we’ve put together this list of the 20 family-friendly SUVs with the biggest boots currently on sale.

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1. Land Rover Discovery – 1,124 litres

Land Rover’s Discovery is a supremely capable off-roader that, thanks to its boxy shape and large size, makes an immensely practical family car, too. Fold the third row of seats away and you’ll have access to a gigantic 1,124-litre load bay. The central row can be moved forward – if you’re carrying shorter passengers or children – freeing up an additional 136 litres of space.

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2. Land Rover Discovery Sport – 981 litres

The Discovery Sport might be one of the smallest cars in Land Rover’s range, but it still packs a serious punch in terms of practicality. Even with all seven seats in place, its boot can swallow an impressive 689 litres of luggage – this rises to a cavernous 981 litres with the rearmost seats folded and a van-like 1,698 litres with all but the first row of seats neatly tucked away. Like any Land Rover, you can expect the Discovery Sport to be more capable off-road than many of its rivals.

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3. Range Rover Sport – 785 litres

The Range Rover Sport slides easily into third place on our list thanks to its 784-litre boot capacity. This spacious load bay is available on models with five seats only, however – seven seat versions can carry 489 litres with a full complement of passengers on board. Not only is the Range Rover Sport more practical than the standard Range Rover, it’s cheaper to buy, too. Entry level models are priced at £62,700 – the cheapest Range Rover will set you back more than £75,000.

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4. Jeep Grand Cherokee – 782 litres

The Jeep Grand Cherokee boasts a capacious 782-litre load bay thanks, in part, to its five-seat layout. It might not be offered with the customary third row of seats like many cars on our list, but it represents good value for money, comes with lots of standard equipment and should be highly capable off-road, too.

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5. Audi Q7 – 770 litres

The titanic Audi Q7 SUV is not only imposing to look at, but impressively spacious, too. Its boot can serve up a thoroughly usable 770 litres of space with the rear seats stowed away – providing you steer clear of the Q7 e-tron hybrid with its sizeable batteries. As an added bonus, the Q7 is not only hugely practical, but exquisitely built and comes with the option of Audi’s brilliant Virtual Cockpit display system.

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6. Mercedes G-Class – 699 litres

There’s no denying the Mercedes G-Class looks a little bit old-fashioned – its square body and flat windows certainly look more front-line than family-time. Its unashamedly boxy styling does, however, result in a hugely practical boot. Diesel-powered models can muster an impressive 699 litres of boot space – high-performance AMG-tuned petrol versions lose out on approximately 220 litres of carrying capacity, however.

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7. Mercedes GLE – 690 litres

The second Mercedes to feature on our list is the new GLE – a heavily revised version of the old M-Class. Not only is this new version nicer to drive and more efficient than the model it replaces, but its stylish bodywork neatly conceals a very practical boot with a 690-litre carrying capacity. If you require even more space, fold all but the front two seats down to open up a 2,126-litre load bay – enough to carry nearly six average household wheelie bins.

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8. Mercedes GLS – 680 litres

The Mercedes GLS can comfortably accommodate seven occupants and 295 litres of luggage in its spacious cabin. Fold the rear seats down, however, and you’ll be able to take advantage of an impressive 680-litre load bay. Its interior feels a little less modern than some rivals and it isn’t the most exciting SUV on our list to drive but, for some buyers, its massive 3,500kg towing capacity will be more important, however.

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9. Porsche Cayenne – 670 litres

The stylish and sporty Porsche Cayenne is a five-seater SUV that handles with surprising agility. Unlike many cars on our list, this Porsche can only seat five – it does, however, come with a spacious 670-litre boot in S, GTS, Turbo and Turbo S trims. Lesser powered diesel models have a slightly more limited 618-litre load-bay while hybrid versions have to make do with just 580 litres of space.

10. Mitsubishi Shogun – 663 litres

The Mitsubishi Shogun is an off-road focussed SUV that’s ruggedly built, can seat seven and comes with a generous level of equipment as standard. It might not boast the same impressive build quality or luxurious interior as a Mercedes or a Porsche, but five-door models come with a commodious 663-litre boot once you fold the rear seats away. With all seats in place, boot space is limited to a compact 221 litres, however.

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11. Kia Sorento – 660 litres

If you’re looking for a seven-seater SUV that offers good value for money, a well-built interior and a spacious boot, you could do much worse than the Kia Sorento. Fold the rear seats down and you’ll have access to a spacious 660-litre boot – this can be expanded to a cavernous 1,732-litre load bay by folding all but the front two seats away. The Sorento’s only engine, a 2.2-litre diesel is, thankfully, a great all-rounder.

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12. BMW X5 – 650 litres

BMW serves up a tempting combination of a comfortable interior, a selection of frugal engines and a refined ride with its X5 SUV. If you avoid the hybrid versions, and fold down the rearmost seats, the boot can swallow up to 650 litres of luggage with ease. As an added bonus, the X5 boasts a split tailgate that allows you to load smaller items without opening the whole boot lid.

13. Jaguar F-Pace – 650 litres

The Jaguar F-Pace can comfortably carry the same 650 litres of luggage as a BMW X5 – it does, however, lose out on 12th place because its 1,740-litre maximum capacity is 130 litres smaller than its german rival. The F-Pace does sport an elegant body, a spacious interior with room for five adults and a wide selection of engines to chooser from. Frugal 2.0-litre diesels, more powerful 3.0-litre units and an all-singing supercharged V6 petrol are all available.

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14. Mercedes GLE Coupe – 650 litres

As a result of its sleeker coupe styling, the Mercedes GLE Coupe is a little less spacious than the standard GLE – its 650-litre boot capacity is more compact than its boxier brother but still impressive given its styling. Fold the rear seats down and its slinky roofline limits maximum carrying capacity to 1,720 litres – 20 litres smaller than the Jaguar F-Pace. The GLE Coupe is best suited to those looking for a dose of style in their practical SUV.

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15. Toyota Land Cruiser – 621 litres

The original Toyota Land Cruiser was designed to cross anything from arid deserts to freezing tundra with ease. The most modern model may have lost some of the original’s rugged utilitarian features but it does come as standard with a roomy 621-litre boot. It lags behind rivals in terms of on-road refinement but, when you hit the dirt, few competitors can match the Land Cruiser’s excellent off-road abilities.

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16. VW Tiguan – 615 litres

The brand-new Volkswagen Tiguan brings a spacious and high-quality cabin to the mid-sized SUV market. Unlike some larger cars, it can only seat five, but the Tiguan’s boxy body boasts a 615-litre boot – significantly more than rivals such as the Toyota RAV4 (574 litres) and the Mazda CX-5 (503 litres). The Tiguan is available with a selection of all-turbocharged engines, two or four-wheel drive and manual or DSG automatic gearboxes.

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17. Ford Edge – 602 litres

The Ford Edge has been on sale in North America for a number of years but has only recently been introduced to Europe. It blends a spacious five-seater cabin with a comfortable ride and the handling of a distinctly smaller SUV. Not only can five six-foot tall occupants fit comfortably in the Edge, so can 602 litres of luggage. Fold the rear seats down and you can squeeze a massive 1,847 litres into its capacious load bay, too.

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18. Jeep Cherokee – 591 litres

The Jeep Cherokee sports similarly rugged look to its Grand Cherokee big brother, in a smaller, more compact package. Not only are the Cherokee’s five seats both comfortable and spacious, but its boot can easily carry 591 litres of luggage. The rear seat bench can be moved forward to increase the boot capacity to an impressive 714 litres, or folded flat to produce a 1,267-litre load bay.

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19. Mitsubishi Outlander – 591 litres

The Mitsubishi Outlander is available as an efficient plug-in hybrid, called the PHEV. Although this model is reportedly capable of returning 156mpg, drivers looking for ultimate boot space are better off with the conventional 2.2-litre diesel version. Its 591-litre load bay is impressive enough, but fold the rear seats down you’ll be able to stack 1,022 litres of luggage in the boot without compromising rear visibility.

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20. Honda CR-V – 589 litres

The final entry on our list is the Honda CR-V, a spacious five-seater SUV with a 589-litre boot. It’s available with Honda’s clever magic seat system allowing you to store tall items behind the front seats by flipping the rear seat bases up. Fold the rear seats completely flat, however, and you’ll have access to a large 1,627-litre load bay. Both diesel and petrol engines are offered, as is a smooth nine-speed automatic gearbox.

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