Best large SUVs on sale

SUVs are everywhere now, and it’s not hard to see why. They offer better visibility over the road ahead, they’re great for families and immensely practical. Even if you don’t always need the extra space they offer, it’ll definitely come in handy if you ever have to transport kids and their friends, outdoor lifestyle gear or half a forest’s worth of Swedish flatpack furniture.

Here are the best large SUVs on sale, ranked by our team of expert car reviewers.

Audi Q7 – 9/10

You’ve got to love the Audi Q7. There are almost no boundaries to its competence – whether you’re chomping up motorway miles, slicing through some B-road bends or going where the tarmac runs out. And everywhere you’ll go, you and your passengers will be swathed in a luxurious cabin full of leather and the very latest Audi technology. The engines, too, are quiet, punchy and relatively economical, and you’ll be able to squeeze your children into the rearmost seats. We recently took it on a huge roadtrip to an Austrian ski resort, and with five people (and lots of kit) aboard it proved a fantastic companion, not missing a single beat.

BMW X3 – 9/10

BMW has recently updated the X3 and it’s even better than ever. It’s a polished all-rounder that offers a fantastic driving experience, a suave interior and loads of practicality. On the motorway it’s hushed and serene, but it’s not without talents on a twistier road – and is easy to drive in town as well. The interior may not have quite the same pizzazz as the Mercedes GLC and Audi Q5, but it’s still a very nice place to be and there’s plenty of space in both the front and rear seats. Just recently, BMW has also revealed an electric version called the iX3.

Skoda Kodiaq – 9/10

This list features a lot of premium SUVs, which goes to show just how good the Kodiaq is – especially because you can buy one for as little as £22,000 before carwow discount. There’s plenty of space for seven and the boot is usable even with all the seats up and, even with just the third row of seats down, the boot is nothing short of enormous. It’s good to drive, looks handsome and has a smart interior with enough tech and materials to feel more luxurious than you might expect. It’s more rugged than cars such as the VW Tiguan and incredibly practical. It’s the perfect inexpensive family SUV.

Range Rover – 9/10

If luxury is near the top of your wishlist of features for your next car, you absolutely need to check out the Range Rover. It’s a credible rival to opulent cars such as the Mercedes S-Class and Bentley Bentayga, and you have to ask yourself if you’d ever need anything more from a car. The interior is very plush indeed, and the 2018 facelift model now uses the improved touchscreen infotainment system from the Velar. And while many of these cars have four-wheel-drive models that’d struggle to cross a snowy junction, the Range Rover has been gifted with serious off-road kit from Land Rover to ensure that it’ll go almost anywhere you choose to point it.

Audi Q5 – 9/10

Audi’s latest Q5 is stylish, beautifully made and stuffed with technology. The interior is absolutely sublime, and it feels better built than the Jaguar F-Pace. Some of the best tech is unfortunately optional, but the super-bright matrix headlights and informative digital driver’s display are well worth investing in. All of the engines are smooth and punchy, and there’s loads of space in the cabin for even the tallest passengers. Behind the seats, you’ll be able to stash a lot of things thanks to its huge boot – put those seats down and you’ll be able to put a bike in without removing either wheel.

Volvo XC90 – 8/10

If the SUVs above aren’t to your tastes, you might like the brilliant Volvo XC90. Its interior is a serene and calm place to spend time, with fantastic technology and lots of premium materials. It’s incredibly roomy too, with passengers in the middle row of seats being able to stretch out. Three can sit abreast without too many complaints, and the boot is large even with the rearmost seats up. On the road, the big Swede is relaxing and comfortable, and its engine range is topped by a hybrid model that offers over 400hp and a claimed 134.5mpg. While you’ll need the lightest of feet to achieve anywhere near that figure, it allows you to beat London’s hefty Congestion Charge.

Land Rover Discovery – 8/10

Just like the Range Rover above, the Discovery is incredible off-road and will stroll over the toughest terrain. And that’s while protecting the passengers in a bubble of luxury that’s unmatched by most alternatives. Even entry-level models have fancy air suspension as standard which irons out all but the very worst bumps, making the Discovery incredibly comfortable to travel in. More people can enjoy this comfort, too, because the car’s (admittedly rather large) rear end hides enough space for seven adults – not many cars can accommodate adults in the third row of seats like the Discovery can.

Volvo XC60 – 8/10

Can’t quite stretch to the more expensive XC90? Not a problem, because the Volvo XC60 feels every bit a shrunken down, condensed version of the company’s flagship SUV. So you’ll still be able to enjoy a beautiful, tranquil interior that offers acres of space for five and the same engine range – including that incredibly rapid T8 hybrid. Like many of these fantastic cars listed here, the XC60 is a superb long-distance cruiser, as we found out in our long-term review.

Jaguar F-Pace – 7/10

One of the most stylish SUVs on sale is the Jaguar F-Pace, which looks fantastic and drives equally well. It’s at the sportier end of the spectrum, with crisp handling, plenty of grip and very little roll through the corners. The trade-off for sporty driving is that it’s less comfortable than some alternatives, but the F-Pace also has a spacious interior and a massive boot. The interior is gorgeous but does lack the quality feel of cars such as the Audi Q5, which uses slightly more premium materials. In isolation it’s a fantastic car – one so good that you’ll be proud to be British when you’re sat behind the wheel.

Lexus RX – 7/10

Fancy a slightly left-field choice to the regular suite of SUVs? You might like the Lexus RX, which prioritises comfort and luxury over sportiness. There are no clattery diesels in the engine line-up – the RX is only available as a petrol-electric hybrid. It’s incredibly smooth and refined, is very comfortable on the move and the seats – especially in the front – are majestic. Sure, the styling is divisive and the lack of a diesel does hurt real-world economy, but if you value comfort over everything else then it’s well worth a look.

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