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Citroen C4 Grand Picasso

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8.0 10 wowscore
C4 grand picasso grey front
  • Spacious cabin
  • Interesting looks
  • Smooth ride quality
  • Not exciting to drive
  • Slightly hesitant auto gearbox
  • Occasionally confusing touch-screen
The Citroen Grand C4 Picasso is a 7 seat MPV which attains pretty good reviews from the critics. Like many Citroen models these days, it's taken a big step over its predecessor and righted several wrongs - enough for some to decree it the best model in its class. That's high praise indeed.


There's little to really fault in the Grand Picasso's interior. If nits can be picked, it's with the touchscreen display that replaces many of the centre console buttons. It certainly tidies the dash but some testers feel it'll quickly date, since we're all used to constantly upgraded smartphones...

That aside, the car scores well. Testers describe it as "airy", with plenty of glass area (particularly with the panoramic windscreen), comfortable seats and plenty of space wherever you're sitting. That even includes the back row with the sixth and seventh pews - there's more space than many rivals back there, though you'd still not want to spend too long in them as a fully-grown adult. Lay them flat though, and there's over 600 litres of space.


The one thing this Grand C4 Picasso isn't is an entertaining driver's machine. For that you'd still need to send your money Ford's way for an S-Max, but the Citroen hits back with a pillowy ride quality that even avoids feeling harsh on larger wheel diameters. It's a "refined and comfortable" way to travel.

Some describe the steering as a little light, but it does begin to weight up as the speed rises. You'll never get much feedback through the rim, but that's of debatable relevance in a vehicle likely to spend most of its time ferrying kids about. Those kids shouldn't feel too green in the back either, since body roll is kept to a minimum.


Two of the Grand Picasso's engines, the petrol VTi and THP duo, are yet to be tested by the experts. The THP is a strong unit but realistically, diesel engines with their low emissions and high fuel economy will suit this particular people-carrier better, and those are the models most reviews have concentrated on.

There are two main diesel units available, in 1.6 and 2.0-litre capacity. The former is most frugal, returning up to 74 mpg in lower-output form - though at 14 seconds to 60, you won't be going anywhere fast. The 114-horsepower 1.6 units are only a shade less economical at 70.6, and testers reckon they're the engines to go for - smooth, punchy and quiet, with low running costs. The 2.0-litre BlueHDi is a good engine and the quickest of the diesel models, but it's a little noisier and does cost more to buy and run.

Value for money

Pick a basic VTi model and you'll spend less than £20k on your Grand Picasso - though you're better off spending more and getting one of the diesel models. Pricing is generally competitive with rivals so there's little to worry about at time of purchase, though like previous Citroen models depreciation is likely to be heavy - as much as £16,000 over three years on the 2.0 BlueHDi. Ouch.

Luckily, you do get a well-equipped car for your money, and the diesels are among the lowest CO2-emitting and most economical models in their class - so while you'll lose resale value, you do gain a little in tax and fuel over the ownership period.

Worth noting

All Grand Picassos come with a dual display screen layout that some testers find a little distracting, and they also use a centrally-mounted instrument cluster. Both are an acquired taste, so try before you buy. You should be able to get used to them, however.


For some, the new Grand C4 Picasso is among the best cars in its class. You'll find more fun in a Ford S-Max but the Citroen counters with the more adventurous, modern styling and interior layout, as well as a smooth ride and fuel-sipping engines. If you want a seven-seat MPV and aren't quite ready to submit to something boring, the Grand Picasso is worth a look.

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Key Details

Price range:
£19,205 - £27,855
44 - 74
Date released:
Replacement due:
Not for several years - this one is brand new
Model history:
The Grand Picasso debuted in 2006, and was updated in late 2010. The current model arrived in 2013, shortly after the regular Picasso was released.
Engine to go for:
The 1.6 e-HDi. It may not be powerful, but it's refined, economical and still offers decent shove
Engine to avoid:
On performance and economy alone, the 1.6 petrol VTi
Other variants:
If you don’t need to carry 7 people around then perhaps you might prefer the 5 seater version, the C4 Picasso.
Engine naming:
HDi engines are diesel, VTi are petrol and the THP unit is a turbocharged petrol
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Type Reviews Score
1.6 e-HDi 2 8.0
1.6 THP 0 -
1.6 VTi 0 -
2.0 BlueHDi 4 8.0
General 3 8.0
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Citroen C4 Grand Picasso User Reviews

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4 10 wowscore

i have c4 vtr auto & there is a saying you pay for what you get not well built auto gear changing too jerky not smooth and very bad in the the snow we had in 2012 other wise cheap & maybe not cheerful german or japanese car next good luck with it if you are buying one second hand.

  • By wei, who owns this car
2L Hdi EGS Exclusive (2011) 45.0 mpg
10 10 wowscore

Drives smoothly. I have the clutchless manual EGS 2L Hdi Exlusive and it drives like a dream.

  • By mildenhall, who owns this car
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