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Skoda Fabia and Fabia Estate dimensions guide

The latest version of the Skoda Fabia has received enthusiastic reviews from the motoring press. It’s well-built, comfortable and, although emotive things like styling and driving enjoyment aren’t its main forte, it does all of the sensible stuff brilliantly.

It gains particular praise for is its ability to accommodate passengers and their possessions so capably. Our dimensions guide will explain in simple terms how much room it actually has, and how much space it takes up on the road.

Exterior dimensions

While it’s important to offer as much space as possible inside a car, it helps for cars like the Fabia – which will probably spend most of their time driving around cities, parking in tight spaces – to be as small as possible on the outside.

In a departure from most new releases, the latest model is actually marginally shorter and lower than the outgoing Fabia. The width of the new model is up by 9cm and the wheelbase has stretched by a barely-noticeable 5mm.


Fabia external dimensions
Length 3,992 (4,252mm for the estate)
Width 1,732mm
Height 1,488mm
Wheelbase 2,470mm

Interior dimensions

Despite the overall height dropping by 10mm from the old Fabia, thanks to clever interior packaging, the driver and front passenger gain an extra 3cm of headroom. Rear passengers will notice an almost identical amount of space as before, with 963mm available in the hatch.

Fabia headroom
Front headroom 1,021
Rear headroom 963mm (967mm in the estate)

Luggage capacity

One area where the Fabia scored particularly well against its rivals is boot space. At 330 litres, the hatchback offers 40 litres more than the equivalent Ford Fiesta, while Skoda claims the 530 litres available in the estate is a class-leading figure. They’re technically correct, but very few other rivals offer an estate supermini, so it has little competition in that regard…


Fabia boot space
With seats up 330 litres (530 in the estate)
With seats down 1,150 litres (1,395 in the estate)

Turning circle and fuel tank capacity

Manoeuvrability is important for in a city car. The narrower the turning circle it can achieve, the easier it is for drivers to nip into small gaps and park in tight spaces. The Fabia does very well in this discipline: it’s able to turn 40cm tighter than a Fiesta, which is hardly the most of cumbersome vehicles to start with.

Most small cars tend to have fairly compact fuel tanks and, at 45 litres, the Fabia’s is pretty standard for this segment.


Fabia turning circle and fuel capacity
Turning Circle 9.8m
Fuel Tank Capacity 45 litres


The latest Fabia has managed to shed approximately 20kg compared to the previous model, which directly benefits both performance and fuel economy. Overall, weight is about what you’d expect for the class. Estate models add 24kg over the equivalent hatch, and those who specify the DSG automatic gearbox will add another 30kg.

Fabia weights
Lightest Heaviest
980kg (1.0 MPI manual hatchback) 1,135kg (1.4 TDI automatic estate)

Find out more

If you’re considering a new Fabia for your next car, then take a look at our review to decide whether it’s right for you. Once you’ve made your mind up, the carwow configurator will help you find the best deal from Skoda dealers all over the UK.

Skoda Fabia

Very capable, safe and well-made supermini
£10,500 - £18,720
Read review Compare offers

Skoda Fabia Estate

A small car with a big-car boot and driving experience
£13,275 - £19,965
Read review Compare offers
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