Nissan Qashqai dimensions – UK exterior and interior sizes

The ever popular Nissan Qashqai has become one of the most popular family cars currently on sale and old Qashqai owners may be a little unsure of what they’re getting when they go to put the deposit down on the new car. We’ve already looked at the colours available for the new Qashqai, so let’s take a look at how it’ll fit in to your life.

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External dimensions

Old Qashqai New Qashqai
Width (exc. mirrors) 1,780mm / 5′ 10 1,806mm / 5′ 11.5
Width (inc. mirrors) 2,120mm / 6′ 11.5 2,070mm / 6′ 9.5
Height 1,615mm / 5′ 3.5 1,590mm / 5′ 2.5

If you could fit the old Qashqai in your garage, the new one will certainly go as it’s a full five centimetres narrower across the mirrors and two-and-a-half centimetres lower to the ground. It’s a little wider in the body, but even with those big barn-door mirrors of the first-generation version folded in, the difference should be negligible.

Old Qashqai New Qashqai
Wheelbase 2,630mm / 8′ 7.5 2,646mm / 8′ 8
Overall length 4,330mm / 14′ 2.5 4,377mm / 14′ 4.5
Turning circle 10.6m / 11.6yd 10.7m / 11.7yd

If it’s parking spaces you’re worried about, the new car is a mere five centimetres longer though only one centimetre of that goes between the wheels, so there are some slightly larger overhangs to take into consideration if you happen to be touch-parking. The turning circle is only slightly larger, though this may make all the difference between a quick turn-in the road and a full three-point turn.

Vehicle weight

Old Qashqai New Qashqai
Vehicle weight 1,392kg-1,674kg 1,434kg-1,602kg
Max towing weight Up to 1,400kg Up to 1,800kg
Max payload weight Up to 415kg Up to 545kg

Broadly speaking, the new Qashqai is a lighter car than its predecessor, but it all depends on the model you pick. On a like-for-like basis though, the new car is a little less heavy.

Despite this, it can hold and pull more stuff than before, and the 1.6 dCi 130 version can tow a pretty impressive 400kg more than its direct predecessor. You can also put 25kg more on the roof if you choose from 75kg up to 100kg.

Interior dimensions

Old Qashqai New Qashqai
Load space (seats up) 410 litres 430 litres
Load space (seats down) 1,513 litres 1,585 litres

There’s not really all that much difference between the two cars when it comes to putting stuff in the back. Though your dogs might be pleased with the extra 20 litres and taller owners will be happy that the tailgate now opens 150mm higher, it’s more of the same with the new car. We were really impressed with how useful the new Qashqai’s boot was when we tested it for a week.

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