BMW 5 Series and Touring size and dimensions guide

The BMW 5 Series and 5 Series Touring are easily big enough for most families and both have a premium interior that rivals many more expensive and luxurious cars. It’s slightly bigger than the previous model so read our dimensions guide to see if it’ll fit into your lifestyle.

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Exterior dimensions

At 4,936mm long, the 5 Series is almost exactly the same length as the ageing Audi A6. It’s slightly longer than a Mercedes E-Class, but slightly shorter than the Jaguar XF. All these cars are more than two metres wide including the door mirrors but, at 2,126mm, the 5 Series is wider than the XF and A6 by around 30mm, meaning parking spaces will feel slightly tighter in the BMW.

A height of 1,479mm – 1,498mm for the Touring estate – means that the 5 Series is the tallest of all the executive saloons. To compare, the E-Class is 5mm lower than the 5 Series, the A6 is 11mm lower and the swoopy XF is 22mm lower. Being slightly taller means that the 5 Series should beat its rivals for headroom.

BMW 5 Series and Touring exterior dimensions
Dimension saloon Touring
Length 4,936mm 4,942mm
Width including door mirrors 2,126mm 2,126mm
Height 1,479mm 1,498mm
Wheelbase 2,975mm 2,975mm

Interior dimensions

The new 5 Series is large enough inside that you might question the need for the bigger and more expensive 7 Series. There’s more headroom than the E-Class and enough legroom for full-size rear passengers to stretch out. The 5 Series has quite a prominent gearbox hump in the middle of the rear floor, so middle-rear passengers won’t be as comfortable as they would be in an E-Class.

BMW 5 Series and Touring interior dimensions
Dimension saloon Touring
Headroom (front/rear) 1,034mm/977mm 1,034mm/996mm
Legroom (front/rear) 1,052mm/928mm 1,052mm/928mm
Shoulder room (front/rear) 1,490mm/1,420mm 1,490mm/1,421mm

Boot space

You’ll can fit 530 litres of luggage in the 5 Series saloon’s boot – the same as the A6 and just 10 litres shy of the E-Class and XF. Disappointingly, folding rear seats are optional for the saloon – they do noticeably increase boot length if you select them and fold them down.

The Touring estate fits a respectable 1,700 litres with the standard folding rear seats down. That’s 20 litres more than you’ll be able to fit in the Audi A6 Avant without rear passengers, but some way off the huge 1,820-litre capacity of the Mercedes E-Class Estate. With the rear seats up, the Mercedes is still 100 litres larger than the BMW.

BMW 5 Series and Touring boot space
Dimension saloon Touring
Boot space seats up 530 litres 570 litres
Boot space seats folded n/a 1,700 litres

Fuel tank size and turning circle

Most 5 Series come with a fuel tank either 66 or 68 litres in capacity, although the 530e hybrid gets a 46-litre tank. The Jaguar wins out here, however, with a 74-litre tank while most A6 models come with a 73-litre tank.

All 5 Series varieties need fractionally more than 12 metres to turn around, which isn’t class leading. The XF and A6 manage it in 11.94 and 11.90 metres respectively and, while some E-Class models need 12.5 metres to turn around, many can do it in just 11.6 metres.

BMW 5 Series and Touring fuel tank and turning circle
Dimension saloon Touring
Fuel tank 46-68 litres 66-68 litres
Turning circle 12.05m 12.05m

Weight and towing capacity

In most guises, the 5 Series is lighter than its direct rivals and all-wheel drive 5 Series are some of the lightest in their class. The lightest model tips the scales at 1,615kg and is only just beaten by the 1,545kg XF. The 5 Series Touring’s maximum weight of 1,875kg loses out to the XF Sportbrake by 20kg, but beats the porky A6 and E-Class estates by 25kg and 50kg respectively. The 5 Series Touring will also carry up to 730kg – noticeably more than the E-Class and XF, and a 100kg more than the A6 Avant.

The BMW and Jaguar can pull a braked trailer weighing 2,000kg, which is pipped by the 2,100kg the Audi and Mercedes can pull. Excluding the XF, all these cars can tow an unbraked trailer weighing 750kg. A 90kg towball weight for the BMW isn’t as much as the XF, but is 5kg more than the A6.

BMW 5 Series and Touring weight and towing capacity
Dimension saloon Touring
Weight (lightest/heaviest) 1,615kg/1,845kg 1,705kg/1,875kg
Towing weight (braked/unbraked) 2,000kg/750kg 2,000kg/750kg
Towball weight 90kg 90kg
Max payload 705kg 730kg

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