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Jeep Renegade sizes and dimensions guide

The Renegade is a funky new compact crossover from Jeep. It shares its underpinnings with the Fiat 500X, but instead offers all-American styling as opposed to Italian flair. The Renegade’s butch exterior isn’t all for show though, and genuine off-road capability means that the car’s ability can cash the cheques that its styling is writing.

That being said though, it is unlikely that the majority of Renegades sold will ever see anything more than a slippery field, and will most likely spend most of their times on motorways and in town. To help you navigate the streets with confidence, we’ve put together a brief list charting the Renegade’s dimensions. Read on to find out whether it’ll fit into your life.

Exterior dimensions

The Renegade is fairly standard in terms of size when compared to competitors like the Nissan Qashqai, and should be able to fit into any regular-sized garage without too much hassle. The relatively compact dimensions will also lend you a bit of extra confidence when it comes to navigating narrow streets around town, and will also mean that the Renegade won’t be too difficult to park either.

Exterior dimensions
Width: 1,805mm
Length: 4,236mm
Height: 1,684mm
Wheelbase: 2,570mm

Interior dimensions

Inside, the Renegade provides ample seating for five people without fuss. There’s 1,041mm of headroom in the front, while the back boasts 1,028mm. Shoulder room is decent too, and overall it fares well compared to some of its rivals. As you’d expect, the general interior dimensions are similar to the car it is based on – the Fiat 500X.

Interior dimensions
Headroom (front/rear) 1,041mm/1,028mm
Shoulder room (front/rear) 1,422mm/1,397mm

Turning circle and fuel tank capacity

A relatively tight turning circle mean that three-point turns won’t be too difficult to execute in the Renegade. At 11.1 metres kerb to kerb, the little Jeep’s turning circle is only slightly larger than that of the Nissan Qashqai, its primary competitor in the compact crossover sector. All models are fitted with a 57 litre fuel-tank, so range isn’t an issue regardless of the engine you go for.

Turning circle and fuel tank
Kerb to kerb: 11.1 metres
Lock to lock: 2.7 turns
Fuel-tank capacity 57 litres

Boot space

Boot space is where the Renegade falls a little behind the competition. The space on offer in the Renegade is a bit of a shoebox when compared to the Nissan Qashqai, but the Jeep’s character and staunch looks make up for this lack of space. Where the Qashqai offers 430 litres of space with the rear seats up, the Renegade can only manage 351 litres. If backseat passengers (or drivers, for that matter) aren’t something you have to worry about, the rear seats can be folded flat to free up 1,438 litres of space.

Luggage capacity
Seats up: 351 litres
Seats down: 1,438 litres


Weight is worth bearing in mind for cars that are all-wheel-drive. The Renegade weighs in at 1,404kg. This is relatively good considering it is technically an off-roader. It still isn’t as light as the Dacia Duster though – even the top-of-the-range 4×4 version comes in at only 1,254kg.

Weight                                                       1,404kg

Save money on the Jeep Renegade

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