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Mercedes E-Class saloon sizes and dimensions guide

The E-Class is one of the most important models for Mercedes and is one of its top selling models across the globe. Executive saloons may no longer be the only choice for well-heeled buyers, but the E-Class is Mercedes’ bread and butter, so it can’t afford to get it wrong.

Thankfully reviews of the latest version, introduced in 2016, suggest that this is one of the best choices out there, so if you’re interested in buying one then read on to discover more about its sizes and dimensions. We’ll also compare it to its closest rivals to see how it fares.

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Mercedes E-Class saloon exterior dimensions

Executive saloons have ballooned in size over the past decade, so it’s no surprise to discover that the E-Class is nearly five metres in length. Admittedly it’s only 50mm longer than its predecessor, but its also ever so slightly wider — regular users of supermarket car parks might wince!

But the new E-Class is still widely comparable to rivals on the outside, and is actually a good few millimetres smaller in every dimension than the Audi A6. It’s also noticeably smaller than Mercedes’ flagship S-Class, but Mercedes claims it offers nearly as much interior space.

Exterior dimensions
Length 4,923mm
Width 1,852mm
Height 1,468mm

Mercedes E-Class saloon interior dimensions

Mercedes hasn’t yet released too many details on the E-Class’ interior dimensions, but given the slight increase in size we can safely assume that Mercedes will have at least equalled the interior space offered by the BMW 5 Series. We reckon many prospective owners will be too wowed by the new car’s interior and wide infotainment screen to get the tape measure out…

Interior dimensions
Headroom (front/rear) tba
Legroom (front/rear) tba

Mercedes E-Class saloon boot space

Mercedes has clearly decided that the previous E-Class had a completely adequate boot, because the latest version has an identical 540 litres of space. That’s more than ample for most buyers’ needs, but it’s a little disappointing that Mercedes didn’t try and beat the Audi A6’s figure of 565 litres.

The rear seats will fold down to offer an increased space, but those who regularly carry more should wait for the upcoming E-Class Estate. The old version offers one of the largest boots on sale today and has the option of seven seats — it’s unlikely Mercedes will want to make the new one any less impressive.

Boot space
Boot space (seats up) 540 litres

Mercedes E-Class saloon fuel tank and turning circle

A car of this size is never going to be the most manoeuvrable of machines, but the E-Class is actually the best in its class in terms of turning circle. Only the Jaguar XF comes close, because it takes 11.65 metres to turn, but disappointingly the old E-Class took a mere 11.25 metres… noticeably less than the new model’s 11.6 metre circle.

In terms of fuel tank capacity, Mercedes lists it at a mere 66 litres, which makes it on the small side when compared to rivals. However if you factor in the listed seven-litre reserve tank, then it appears a lot more competitive — this gives a theoretical range of 1,171 miles in the most economical variant, the E220d.

Fuel tank and turning circle
Fuel tank 66 litres (7 litres reserve)
Turning circle  11.6 metres

Mercedes E-Class saloon weight and towing limits

Manufacturers have become very keen to reduce the weight of their latest models, and Mercedes has definitely got on board with this. Admittedly only the weights for the E220d and E350d have been released, but diesels tend to be heavier than similarly sized petrols — and the E220d is lighter than its counterparts from BMW and Audi, if not Jaguar.

In terms of towing abilities, it’s interesting that both the E220d and E350d have the same capabilities, suggesting its more to do with the weight of the car than the strength of either engine. A towing limit of 2,100kg is around the same as rivals offer.

Weight and towing limits
Weight 1,605-1,800kg
Towing limit 2,100kg

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