New VW Tiguan Deals – How to get the best offers

The Volkswagen Tiguan is one of the best 4x4s on sale, since it was first released in 2007 its been a hit with buyers and experts alike. Its undoubtedly a premium car, but it is possible to get some great discounts if you’re looking to buy a brand new one.
Weve launched the simplest way to buy a new car. You simply tell us what new car you want, then we get official UK dealers to submit their best offers to supply the car.
You can compare offers based on price, delivery time and location. Best of all you dont get hassled by dealers, as we never give out your personal email, but you can call and message them directly if you have any questions.
The current average saving off RRP on a Tiguan bought through carwow is 2,750.
To start receiving offers just click to select the Tiguans you want offers for.

How does buying a Tiguan through carwow work?

You dont actually buy a Tiguan from us, we simply introduce you to the best VW dealers who can offer large savings upfront and the best service.
You select the Tiguans youd be interested in buying including the various colours and engines you’d be interested in.
We’ll find you up to five of the best offers based on price, your location and dealer ratings from other carwow customers. carwow offers are typically better than you’d get by walking into the showroom. Dealers are able to offer very competitive prices because we help them sell more cars, more efficiently.
Message dealers anonymously with any questions you’ve got, and if you like an offer, call them directly to buy.
You can arrange finance just like you would at your local dealer, and all our dealers offer delivery, so you dont have to travel, though you can of course collect from their showroom if you like.
Buying is straightforward. The dealer will simply confirm your order and ask for a small deposit over the phone, normally 500, then the rest of the money is paid directly to the dealer when the car is delivered.
Its that easy! So its just like buying from your local dealer, but you can do it from the comfort of your own home, get great savings and have a pleasant haggle-free experience.
If you have any questions then please do feel free to get in touch with us.

VW Factory Orders

A factory order is a car ordered by a dealer that is created to your exact specification. So you can choose the engine, paint and any options you want.
Theyre a great way to save lots of money, but there is a downside, it takes around 14 weeks for the car to be built and to arrive, so you have an agonising wait for your new car to be delivered!
Through carwow weve agreed some upfront discounts for factory order Tiguans, with saving of around 11.5% off RRP. You can use our Tiguan configurator to build the exact car you want, then get dealers to bid for that car.

New Volkswagen Tiguans In Stock

Most VW dealers will probably have one or two new Tiguans in stock, but its not easy to see what other new Tiguans area available for quick delivery. Using carwow you can select you want a quick delivery, so will only get offers for Tiguans that dealers have in stock, or are getting in stock soon.
Dealers tend to order fairly conservative cars, so if youre after a black or silver Tiguan there should be a few to choose from, its unlikely anyone would have a pink one though, that would have to be a factory order!

VW Tiguan Finance Offers

If you are looking to buy a new Tiguan on finance, then Volkswagen have some attractive offers at the moment. These include:
– A 1,000 deposit contribution if bought with VW Solutions (PCP finance), with 7.1% APR. Therefore if a dealer quotes a price of 20,000, then the price of the car with finance will effectively only be 19,000.
– 3 years or 30,000 miles servicing for 149 if bought with VW Solutions
Remember that all VW dealers can supply these finance deals, including the ones that use carwow.

Example VW Tiguan Savings

Weve listed below some examples of recent Tiguans that people have bought through us in the last couple of weeks.
Andrew wanted a factory order Tiguan with a number of additional options
– The RRP of the car he wanted was 27,680
– The lowest quote he received was for 24,500, saving him 3,180
– Andrews car will be delivered to his home for free as soon as its built
Claire wanted a white diesel Tiguan as soon as possible
– She didnt want to wait, and didnt want to compromise on colours
– 2 hours after signing up she got a quote for three white Tiguans a dealer had in stock
– She ended up saving 2,784 and had the car delivered free the next week
Clive wasnt sure what Tiguan he wanted, but wanted a good deal
– He requested quotes for a couple of different Tiguan models
– A number of dealers offered deals
– He asked the dealers via our message system about the different models, so he could understand which would suit him best
– One carwow dealer was particularly helpful answering questions, so he requested that dealer call him to talk through the ordering process
– He ended up buying a 2.0 TDI 140 SE from that dealer and saved 3,482

Which Tiguan to buy?

As with every new car, there’s a lot of choice between engines, trim levels and options. If you dont yet know which Tiguan to get then check our research section.
Weve aggregated all the best Tiguan reviews to give an unbiased overview of what experts reckon is the best engine.
Weve also listed every different Tiguan model on sale, so you can compare which best suits your needs.
Check out our full guide to the Tiguan to see reviews, user reviews, photos, videos and more!
If youre looking to buy, follow this link toget quotes on a new VW Tiguan.