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Vauxhall Astra dimensions – UK exterior and interior sizes


The current generation Vauxhall Astra is already a strong seller, because buyers appreciate its attractive design and well-built interior.

But is it right for you? If you’re researching your options right now, it’s good to know all the details – including those buyers often forget about, such as whether their new car will actually fit on the drive, in the garage, or carry out that all-important U-turn when required. That’s why carwow has pulled together this dimensions guide – it’s not always easy to find these figures, so hopefully this page will come in handy if you’re comparing the Astra with its rivals, or even your existing vehicle.

We’ve mainly covered the five-door car here, but it’s worth pointing out that the Astra is also available as a GTC three-door coupe, a Sport Tourer estate, and a sporty VXR, based on the GTC. The regular Astra is practical enough for most, but do look into the Sport Tourer if the regular car’s boot space is too compact.


Exterior dimensions

At an overall length of 4,419mm, the Astra is a little larger than its closest rival, the 4,358mm-long Ford Focus. It’s also a good 88mm longer than its predecessor, so parking will be a little trickier than both – particularly because the Astra’s curved roofline slightly hinders visibility. It’s wider than both of those cars too. Height may be less of an issue in most situations, but the new Astra is a good 5cm taller than the previous model.



Overall length – 4,419 mm
Overall width (including door mirrors) – 2,013 mm
Wheelbase – 2,685 mm
Overall height – 1,510 mm


Interior dimensions

The Astra is typical for a car in its class, in that it seats five and offers more-than-adequate head and shoulder room. Given the car’s considerable length (just a little above 4.4m), leg room isn’t bad either. Surprisingly though, the Astra’s headroom is actually a few centimetres shorter in both the front and back than the Ford Focus, despite the Astra being taller on the outside.



Front Headroom – 950 mm
Rear Headroom – 930 mm

Luggage capacity

While the interior space is an indication that a larger footprint has benefitted passengers, boot space can occasionally be compromised. The Vauxhall Astra offers luggage space of 370 litres with the rear seats up, which can be expanded to 1,235 litres with the seats folded. Rivals like the Volkswagen Golf offer more space: 380 litres with the seats and 1,270 litres with the seats folded. The Ford Focus though lags behind, on 316 litres.



Boot space (with rear seats up) – 370 litres
Boot space (with rear seats down) – 1,235 litres

Turning circle and fuel tank capacity

We’ve all been there: The road ahead is jammed, and there’s little option but to swing a U-turn or do a three-point turn to head back the other way. Here, the Astra isn’t quite as nimble as superminis in the class below, but its turning circle matches that of the VW Golf and edges out the Focus by a scant 10cm – the difference between missing and clouting a kerb!

The 56-litre fuel tank (except the 1.3CDTi variant, which gets a 46-litre tank) is bound to give a decent range, especially with the Astra’s more frugal variants, such as the 1.6CDTi.



Turning circle – 10.9m
Fuel tank – 46-56 litres



The lightest Vauxhall Astra available is the basic 1.4-litre engined variant, which weighs just 1,393kg. As we move up the table, the weight increases, and the heaviest (2.0 CDTi BiTurbo) weighs in at 1,570kg.



Kerb weight – 1,393kg-1,570kg

Want to know more?

If you want to read more about the Astra then check out our full Vauxhall Astra review section, with photos, videos, stats, and a full buying guide.

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