carwow wrapped 2022

2022 has been quite a ride - here’s what you might have missed:

carwow users fly to the sun!

Well, not quite - you spent an epic 2.5 million hours using carwow this year.In that time, if you were all in a rocket travelling at 30 mph, you’d be 82% of the way to the sun… out of this world!

You loooved the Kia Sportage

In those 2.5 million hours, 12,039,567 dream cars were configured.The Kia Sportage came top of the charts!

These were the brands you kept searching for

Volkswagen and Audi led the race but Kia wasn’t far behind - with honourable mentions to Hyundai and BMW.

Our top 3 EVs

We’re committed to leading the charge on the switch to electric, and these were this year’s bestsellers. 

Thinking of an EV next?

It was also an amazing year for content

We’re proud to have YouTube’s most popular automotive channel and we’ll be popping the Champagne to celebrate an incredible 1 billion views this year!

You can now sell your car within 24 hours

No matter how colourful it is... If you’re thinking of selling yours - we’ve got 3,000+ trusted dealers who’ll want to see it.